Eulalie Davis: Notable omission

January 5, 2011 11:52:00 AM



I was mortified when I read "The Year in Review--Notable Deaths" and did not see any reference to Chebie Bateman. I read the article three times thinking that I had surely missed something. 


Chebie lived in Columbus her entire life, raised a family, and devoted herself to the Columbus Public Library for 43 years. She oversaw two moves and the planning, fundraising, and construction of our present library. Ask anyone in Columbus the best thing about our city, and most people will answer "our public library." Her determination, diplomacy, intelligence, and charm worked miracles for all of us. Chebie was a literacy advocate before the term was even invented. 


Frankly, I was disappointed that the Sunday paper following her death had nothing on the front page. She was a "trail blazer" who deserved a much bigger tribute by your paper and our city officials. 


After reading this Sunday''s article, I can only assume that the four reporters have never entered the front door of the library which bears her name or exited the back door where her portrait hangs. 


Eulalie H. Davis 




Editor''s note: The omission was an oversight. A story on Ms. Bateman appeared on page 1 the Monday after her death and an appreciation written by George Hazard, the writer''s brother, was printed the following Sunday.