Saul Vydas: Corporate welfare

January 7, 2011 10:22:00 AM



A recent edition of the Dispatch had an article by Alan Sayre about competition among the Southern states to attract businesses. While such an effort can have well-known benefits, there is something ironic about the leaders of our corporations speaking publicly (and loudly) against taxes and "government give-aways," while they line up for "economic sugar plums" paid for by the very taxes which they claim to oppose. 


The one thing worse than a poor person "exploiting" the social safety net is an already wealthy corporate type angling for free tax dollars to make himself even richer. 


In his article, Mr. Sayre also writes about competition among states to attract business. That is only part of the picture, and very much the smaller part. What the workers in the South, North, East or West are competing against are Mexico, China, India and others. A small tax break here and a modest "sugar plum" there means little when compared to almost no environmental restrictions, no bother about health benefits, and wages which are one-tenth of what we could live on. 


What does Mr. Sayre have to say about that kind of competition? And, more importantly, what do our representatives in Washington have to say about it? Republicans, Democrats, or even Tea Party members please come forth. Are you ignorant or are you just not representing the interest of the average American? 


Saul Vydas