Wayne Blankenship: 'The perfect candidate'

January 22, 2011 8:23:00 PM



Perfect candidate 


I have been a resident of Columbus all of my life. I have always been concerned about the progress of our town. A short time ago it was announced that the head of the CVB would be leaving for another position in another city. To fill his vacancy Nancy Carpenter was selected to this position only until another person was found. This brings me to my point. Why should we look somewhere else when we have a person like Nancy Carpenter? 


The city doesn''t seem to realize how much experience Nancy has. With her talents, experience and personality; she would be the perfect candidate for the head of the CVB. I have learned that whenever you have a winning game plan to stay with it. Why go anywhere else when you have a person like Nancy Carpenter? She is someone that really cares about our town. You want progress -- two words: Nancy Carpenter. 


Wayne Blankenship