Deborah Walk: Abandoned pups

January 25, 2011 10:56:00 AM



I got called on Sunday morning about a mother dog and puppies found dead on an old off-shoot road of Nashville Ferry past Bud Price Road. My husband and I rode out there and saw a little black pup sitting by the dead mother''s body. He took off and hid under a huge pile of rubble. Upon my examination of the scene the mother had been shot in the head, and her maybe 10-day-old babies had tried to crawl up under her for warmth, and of course there was none, and the last baby was dead with the mom''s teat in its mouth. They all died from exposure. We climbed under the rubble and got the pup out; he looked to be 5-weeks-old. His chest rattling with every breath and was terrified. He''s been to the vet and thankfully no viruses.  


As soon as I get home I find out that another ladies sons had been out there the day earlier and caught nine puppies the same age as mine. These puppies all knew the dead mama dog. So the owner must have taken the mother out there in this completely desolate area, shot her, put her babies with her knowing they would die, and then threw out 10 puppies 5-weeks-old who would die or be killed.  


Whoever did this, I want you to know that I know what you did and so do people who care about these pups. Your spot is known. IF you do not want to spay your dogs and you don''t want the puppies take them to the Humane Society because it is obvious to me you won''t put forth the effort to find them homes. Our shelter offers a low spay and neuter program. 


You committed a criminal offense in my eyes, and people like you should be tried and punished. Folks we need tougher animal laws in Mississippi. I hope this story helps make this happen. But you, whoever you are there are 10 pups you will never get your hands on again. For that I am grateful. 


Deborah Walk