Columbus High accentuates the positive

January 28, 2011 1:33:00 PM



Columbus High staff, parents and students last night hosted the first of what should grow into an annual celebration of the diverse range of activities at the school.  


One theme resonated through the night of music, academic and athletic presentations -- Columbus High can offer a niche for just about any student to excel. 


The $100-a-ticket Falcon Showcase brought business leaders, public officials and members of the public together with some of the school''s most talented students. And the talent was on display for all to see, and hear. The diverse offerings ranged from a classical tuba solo to a rousing gospel choir rendition of "Jesus Promised."  


As they dined on hors d''oeuvre, dinner and desserts prepared and served by the school''s culinary arts students, attendees also heard music by the school jazz band and the Frontline Show Choir. Students made presentations on the wide range of academic activities including the prestigious International Baccalaureate program, and visual arts and journalism programs.  


Special guest Tyson Lee, former Mississippi State University starting quarterback and proud Columbus High graduate, spoke about the lessons he learned both on and off the field, and the quality of education he received at the school. 


The event was more than a fundraiser. It was an avenue to spread the word about the quality and the range of activities of Columbus High -- to accentuate the positive. 


Extracurricular activities enrich students'' experience, help them grow both socially and academically, and give them lasting memories and more skills for the future. Columbus High proved it has those opportunities, and quality students and teachers, in droves. 


Some of those students even might come back from time to time, like Lee and local attorney Scott Colom, who also spoke at last night''s showcase. 


After the evening, "When people talk about Columbus High School, there can be no doubt they know the positive," Colom said.