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Davis believes time is coming for Columbus High football team


Adam Minichino



Bubba Davis knows the time is coming. 


Unfortunately, the Columbus High School football coach can''t give his players and all of the school''s fans the exact date. 


The "date" in this instance is when the Columbus High football program will reverse its fortunes.  


The Falcons'' losing streak stretched to six last week with a 53-7 loss to South Panola. The loss generated a little more negativity on Internet chat rooms from people who don''t think the Columbus High football program is on the right track. 


Davis has been around coaching long enough to know he and his assistant coaches aren''t going to make everyone happy. But Davis, who is in his second season at Columbus, knows his kids are invested in the program, are working hard, and believe in what the Falcons are doing and that things will change. 


Davis hopes things will begin to change at 7 tonight when Columbus (1-6, 0-3 region) travels to DeSoto Central for a Class 6A, Region 1, District 2 game. 


"Last week was not a true indication of how far these kids have come," Davis said. "We believe we can win tonight. We think we can go up there and win a ballgame. The next thing is to go up there and make the plays we need to to put ourselves in the situation to win the game. It is difficult to do it when you have never done it before." 


Davis has said many times it is difficult to win in a district that includes state powers like South Panola and Olive Branch and other tradition rich programs like Tupelo and Starkville. He said his team''s youth and inexperience have hurt it at times and have played a role in the team''s inability to make key plays that could have turned games. 


Despite the disappointments that have come following a season-opening victory against Class 3A Aberdeen, Davis said no one in the program is giving up.  


"We feel that day is coming," Davis said. "They have invested too much hard work for us not to be successful, but it is difficult to do with all of the young kids we have. If we win these next four, we get in the playoffs, and that is what our kids are going to fight for. They realize they have blown chances. When they go in there and watch film, they see when they have messed up or missed a tackle or missed a block. But they''re learning and hanging in there with us. 


"We''re proud of our kids. We''re in an environment where few teams have won here. You have got to change the culture and change the mind-set. That is difficult to do, especially when there are those out there who have no investment in the program and are trying to pull it down." 


Davis said he was disappointed by how the Falcons played last week because he sees the players'' potential every day in practice. He said the kids know they are better than the team''s record and it is just a matter of them going out and proving it when it on game nights when it counts. 


"Winning solves a whole lot of problems," Davis said. "Like I told the kids (Thursday), we can''t look for the excuses. We have to go out and have to quit making mistakes and execute and when things go bad you have to find a way to overcome them. I think the coaches are still doing a good job and I think the kids still want to win. They are coming to practice and still trying to get better. A good win is going to be the thing that is going to put us where we want to go. We just haven''t been able to get it. We''re not quitting. We''re just making crucial mistakes at the times when we can''t make them. 


"Nobody knows what the kids have done to get to this point. It''s obvious we have not won. It''s not because of effort. ... We can''t dwell on what anybody else thinks of us. The football team comes together and if you have to it is you against everybody else. I know our parents support our kids and our kids support each other. The coaches support the kids, and I feel the kids support us, and I think they trust us. They believe in what we''re trying to do. That is what really matters to us. We have a group of young men that is trying to do what we want them to do to be successful. Anybody who doesn''t want to be with us, there is nothing we can do about that." 



Adam Minichino is the Sports Editor for The Commercial Dispatch.


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Reader Comments

Article Comment Watchandsee commented at 10/16/2009 11:37:00 AM:

Coach Davis is right they will take the game away from Horn Lake and Starville. These are the last 2 home games for Columbus. Phil is going to make sure of that. Money will be paid these 2 games.


Article Comment BOSS commented at 10/16/2009 12:38:00 PM:

Hire a new coach ASAP!!! It not the players inexperience and youth, it the coaching point blank! Hire Roy McCrory back!


Article Comment sd commented at 10/16/2009 2:19:00 PM:

Please stop with the McCrory talk and support the coach you have. Have you gone to the coach and asked him what you can do to show him AND the Players that you support them? These boys work hard everyday and they hear all the negative talk about their program. They Live the negative every week. GIVE THEM SOME POSITIVE ENERGY AND SUPPORT. I have nothing to do with Columbus school system, but am involved in a program with even worse records than their's, so I know the frustration probably more than you do. Everyone gets it that some people want McCrory back....just stop with that already and work together with what you have right now!!! If nothing else, do it for the kids.


Article Comment BOSS commented at 10/16/2009 2:31:00 PM:

sd, if you have nothing to do with Columbus program don't comment on it at all. Because you know nothing. The only POSITIVE ENERGY AND SUPPORT we can give these guys, is to hire a new young,proven, and energetic coach. The school district is paying this guy too much money not to be show some type of improvement on the field. He took over a good program from Coach Jones and haven't done anything with it. HIRE SOMEBODY WE NEED HELP..


Article Comment Parent commented at 10/16/2009 2:39:00 PM:

As a parent who is not only invested in the atheletic program, but also in the school system as a whole. I have to ask the question, what purpose does it serve for adults to get on this or any other site and vent their negative feelings. The same children that we claim to love and care about also have access to these sites. They still have to get out there on that field and put life and limb on the line for our city. How does it help them to get on-line and read this negative mess about the men (as of today) that they have to listen to and respect. Is the program where I think it could be, no? Are there times that I wonder are we committed to re-building or still trying to salvage a lost season, yes? But I still feel that if we truly care about these kids, we support them with positivity. Roy Mcrory was no God, last time I checked, he did not bring a championship to Columbus either. Going backwards is still not moving forwards! If we are truly men/women, that care, then handle this like adults, if you have a problem with the program, go sit down and talk to the coach, Dr. Phillips, or school board like adults. Stop acting like cowards and hiding behind a keyboard! Enough of this silliness already please, for the sake of our children!!!!


Article Comment BOSS commented at 10/16/2009 2:43:00 PM:

Parent, I guess you're a coward too for writing that mess!


Article Comment BLAMEEVERYONE commented at 10/16/2009 9:57:00 PM:

Typical coach, blame the kids, their age, the history of the program. Let me guess all other district teams have only seniors and experienced players. He is an embarassment. You can't fool me. A real coach at all levels will tell you that I (the coach) will work harder to see that my boys get better. I (the coach) will no talk down and embarass them by using foul language towards them!


Article Comment LEM1970 commented at 10/16/2009 11:55:00 PM:

The above comments by BOSS doesn't help anyone. The program was effectively nonexistant when Davis was hired to develop one. If everyone will work toward a winning team, there will be one.

For the record, the score Columbus 12, DeSoto Central 7

Now let's go Falcons and win, win, win


Article Comment Richard commented at 10/17/2009 7:24:00 AM:

No matter what you believe. This is about the kids!!! Columbus 12 Desoto 6. Good job guys!!!!


Article Comment Glitz commented at 10/17/2009 3:18:00 PM:

CONGRATULATIONS CHS FALCONS, on your win against Desoto Central. Great job... ALL of us, who have commented about CHS Football program, the coaches, and the "KING", Del Phillips, can blame, The Commerical Dispatch for letting us have a voice. We should all get together with the newspaper and have a football game, and the winner guessed it, "FREEDOM OF SPEECH".


Article Comment Dontbeleve commented at 10/18/2009 12:37:00 PM:

I know a win is a win but for the record DeSoto Central gave Columbus the game. All the QB had to do was slow walk the team down the field instead he got greedy and threw an interception. DeSoto score the first couple of seconds into the game. Columbus did not score until the 3rd quarter. They would have lost against a stronger team. I guess you can say this was their Greenville Weston game from last year.


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