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Bazzell faces grand larceny charges


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STARKVILLE -- Starkville Academy interim baseball coach Shane Bazzell was being held in the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center Tuesday on charges of felony grand larceny. 


Bazzell was arrested Jan. 15 by the Lowndes County Sheriff''s Office for allegedly stealing an all-terrain vehicle. No further details were available. Grand larceny entails the unlawful taking of over $500 in property. 


Bazzell was suspended indefinitely by Starkville Academy Jan. 17. The school released a statement from Headmaster Doc Stephens stating: "As would be the case with any employee, he will be suspended indefinitely until definitive information is acquired." Starkville Academy assistant baseball coach Neal Henry has taken over as interim head coach for Bazzell. 


Lowndes County Justice Court reported Tuesday no date has been set for Bazzell''s preliminary hearing. His case could then be turned over to Circuit Court.  


Starkville Academy athletic director Glenn Schmidt confirmed Tuesday that Henry will coach the team in Bazzell''s absence. "He was our assistant coach and was already here on staff," Schmidt said of Henry. 


Lowndes County Sheriff''s Department detective Eli Perrigin said that in October a missing four-wheeler report was filed with the Lowndes County Sheriff''s Department. 


On Jan. 15, the owner of the missing four-wheeler came to the Lowndes County Sheriff''s Department building to inform the department of where the missing four-wheeler might be. 


Perrigin said the missing four-wheeler was located in the front yard of Bazzell''s residence in Columbus. 


It was confirmed Tuesday that Bazzell also has holds from Chickasaw County and the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. 


A hold has been placed on Bazzell by Chickasaw County officials for a reported narcotics charge, meaning that bond has yet to be set for the former high school All-American at New Hope High School. 


Bazzell was hired on Nov. 5 to replace former Starkville Academy coach Justin Brewer, who left the Volunteers to accept an assistant coach''s position at Copiah-Lincoln Community College.  


Bazzell went 17-1 and recorded a school-record 194 strikeouts to pitch New Hope to a Class 4A state championship in 1998. He was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in 1998 and pitched in the Oakland and Texas Rangers'' minor league organizations. 


Bazzell retired after a nine-year career in professional baseball. 


-- Danny P. Smith and Jason Browne contributed to this story. 




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Andy commented at 1/20/2010 9:53:00 AM:

I guess some people are only good enough to play high school baseball.


Article Comment calvinmcnabb commented at 1/20/2010 6:24:00 PM:

as a personal friend of shane and his family, knowing firsthand of the pain they are experiencing, i find it incredible how complete strangers can take the limited information given in this article and sit in judgment.
i guess that "andy" and "stacysaidit" have never made a mistake or had any tragedy. and btw, i'm not afraid to use my real name.
i hope you never have an issue with a medication that you have been prescribed, or have a disagreement with a friend that escalates out of proportion.
fact check: minor league IS "the pros" since they are paid to play. had shane not been injured, he would have been called up. shane was paid WELL for nine years, how many years were YOU paid to play professionally?
also, i think being an insurance agent, then a high school baseball coach , while continuing a college education would qualify as "real" jobs.
nobody is perfect, and when your time comes and you stumble, would you want some stranger to speak of you the way you have of shane?
i'd rather have one of my boys be like shane than to be like you.


Article Comment noneofyourbusiness commented at 1/20/2010 9:19:00 PM:

first off, get your information right. minor league baseball players are NOT actual professional baseball players, calvin. thats why they have steps to make it to the PROS which shane did not. second of all, if everyone knew more of the REAL story, you would feel like an idiot. no one, but his family and "friends" are 100 percent sure of what all has happened we think and therefore, unless you ARE his family then you probably shouldn't be correcting everyone else. not trying to start anything on here but we all know that people are not perfect, but when you constantly keep putting yourself in trouble, you get what you deserve. remember that next time you decide to defend your "friend"(s).


Article Comment Mistake Prone commented at 1/20/2010 9:37:00 PM:

Calvin, it doesn't matter what I have done, what you have done, or what Stacy Hester has done. This is about Shane.

Maybe I, you, or some other apologist will stumble, and we will suffer the consequences of stumbling, no matter how good we were, or weren't, to New Hope and the minor leagues.


Article Comment concerned commented at 1/21/2010 9:24:00 AM:

We obviously need more details. Maybe the Dispatch can shed some light in future articles, but did Starkville Academy do a background check? Grand felony larceny AND narcotics charges attached to someone coaching children. I think that regardless of the whole story someone here needs some help before trying to help/mentor children.


Article Comment Jason Montgomery commented at 1/21/2010 11:18:00 AM:

Shane is a long time friend of mine. Although we don't see a whole lot of one another these days, we were pretty close while we were growing up and we still stay in touch when we can. He has a great family and a lot to live for.

In regards to the above article, I can't tell you why or how these actions came about. I also can't tell you what led Shane to even be in this predicament. Tomorrow it will be one of us and we'll have a decision to make when that time comes. Remember, it's the lesson you learn by making that decision that changes your life forever. You can not grow if you don't fall. Shane can not go back, he can only go forward. The question is, what did he learn and how much does it mean to him?

I choose to do the same thing for Shane that I would do for any of you, I will pray for him to gain strength from this experience so that he can one day use it to better someones life who has no leadership or guidance. Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past.


Article Comment Coach/alumni commented at 1/21/2010 6:36:00 PM:

As a coach and former classmate of Shane this comes as no shock to me. The truth is this: 1) Shane had a ton of talent that he wasted by "playing" and "partying" he came home in the offseason & instead of working on his pitching & training he chose to show kids 10 years younger how he could hit BP off kids and coaches. Last I checked he pitched in the minors not hit. He was very rarely at field to workout like the other minor league players we had come out. They came and lifted and worked. Shane chose to field balls and get into a home run derby during BP. None of which was helpful to his training. 2) he has been in trouble time after time scamming people. He stole medication from his grandmother for crying out loud. He bounced checks all around NH and town. He used his cousin's bosses Lowes account and charged a ton of stuff and got out of it cause his dad agreed to pay for it. He scammed parents on "pitching" lessons. He scammed SA into hiring him. He has made poor choice after poor choice. He likes to think he is a "hometown" hero in NH when truth be told most people I know think very low of him and his antics. He once bought beer & partied with NH players. Nice role model. Shane got HIMSELF into this over many years of bad choices and dispicable behavior. These are facts. I assure you I know. Heck I know a few family members who do not like him at all. Shane needs to grow up and needed to a long time ago. A married man with children who is responsible for others children should not act the way he did and does. Period. I can assure you these are facts. I don't know the facts of the "pending" charges but I do however know the facts of his history beforehand.


Article Comment seenitcoming commented at 1/21/2010 8:43:00 PM:

Shane has been headed down the wrong road for years. Not many people really thought much of him in New Hope because all the things stated in the last post were common knowledge among the folks of New Hope.

Shane needs to spend a few months/years in prison and maybe he might just get his act together. He is deserving of whatever the judge gives him. I hope his parents stay out of it and let the chips fall where they might fall. Time his daddy let his son grow up and quit whining about how he was done wrong by the minor leagues. So tired of hearing about all that stuff over and over. Nobody really cares daddy.


Article Comment hahahaha commented at 1/21/2010 10:12:00 PM:

Daddy, can you please come bail me out....again? I reeeeeeally f'd up this time!


Article Comment TD commented at 1/21/2010 10:37:00 PM:

Hey noneofyourbusiness - you need to get your facts straight before correcting others.

You are right - minor league players have not yet made it to the big leagues. But here is where you are wrong.

By definition little leaguer, high school, American Legion and college players have an amateur status. They do not receive any compensation for their services. Those teams have no affiliation with any professional team.

A minor league player receives a salary (he gets paid to play). The minor league team is part of an overall major league organization. The higher they go in the minors, the more money they make. When they make it to the bigs -- then the money is .... well big.


Article Comment spoiledbrat commented at 1/22/2010 6:36:00 AM:

I seem to recall a recent conviction of someone else who was a spoiled brat, and whose mistakes had long been covered/"fixed" by their parents...that guy will be an old man before he has freedom again.

When are these parents going to start letting their kids take those early falls? If this Shane guy had been made to face the music for some early bad decisions, things might be entirely different.

As it is, another news source has released the MBN charged: over a multi-county area, this guy has been pulling in 11,000 doses of Adderall. I don't know about you, but that much of anything would finish me off. So I sit and wonder, was he selling it? Was he giving it to the kids he was coaching?

I hope the SA parents fry the person who made the decision to hire this guy...I would be furious to learn that my child was being "coached" by someone with these problems (and yes, I recognize that they are problems that need serious help.)


Article Comment Lance commented at 1/22/2010 9:33:00 AM:

If what coach/alumni has said is true, then I am almost 100% positive that Kenny Powers from "East Bound and Down" was based on Bazzell.


Article Comment Seriously? commented at 1/22/2010 10:41:00 AM:

Give me a break. You just really wasted time typing out that message when it really has absolutely nothing to do with any of this. Who cares if he played major league, minor league, or was a professional ice skater. The bottom line is, what he did is despicable.
The most frustrating part is the people that continously live with the wool Shane put over their eyes. When are all of you going to wise up and realize that the boy is a theif and a liar.
I do feel sorry for his family and can't imaginve the pain they are going through. BUT, can you imagine how upsetting it is for the people he has stolen from? Think about that. If he had been stealing food or clothing for his children, that would be one thing (I'm not condoning stealing by any means), but the fact that he was stealing drugs and an all terrain vehicle makes it even more despicable.


Article Comment MSU Dad commented at 1/22/2010 11:44:00 AM:

Sad commentary on young man that apparently put all of his apples in the basket of baseball. For the life of me, I don't understand why parents spend all their time on weekends travelling to baseball and soccer tournaments and neglecting church and everything else. Parents are just chasing a dream they never had of being a college or professional sports star. Kids are much better off to have a balance of sports, church, scouts, etc., etc. I couldn't believe that Starkville Academy would even hire a guy without a college degree. Expectations are low when you can throw a 90 mph fastball.


Article Comment concerned citizen commented at 1/22/2010 8:13:00 PM:

concerning shane bazelle and possible penalties coming down on him, an ancient chinese proverb says, "man who trip over same rock twice, deserves to break neck."


Article Comment toobadiknow him commented at 1/26/2010 10:20:00 AM:

To Calvin: Get a clue. The most stupid thing I have ever heard is someone wishing their child would be like Shane Bazzell. You will have a long and hard life if that is the case. I speak from very personal experience and can't list my name because I don't want to hurt his wife and kids. They are in enough pain and have been for a long time...having that sorry excuse for a man as their husband and father. I guess you really can't choose who you love. What upsets me most is that as of yesteday, he won't be spending years in prison to give his wife and kids a chance. Last "job" he held for any length of time was playing baseball. I love that holding a job down for a couple of months (at most) gives you the title of insurance agent and high school coach. He has never succeeded at anything but being a loser, a cheat, a liar, a thief...and believe me, I know...have the missing items to prove it. He'll be back in this position again and maybe this time he'll really have to pay. He deserves nothing less.


Article Comment as always commented at 1/27/2010 10:31:00 AM:

The sad part is that his family has to deal with his constant ignorance and it is an utter embarrassment. This has been going on for years. I am sure dad is either in denial or he has found someone to blame this on by now. Nothing has ever been Shane's fault.

Maybe the court system will finally make him pay for his actions. He has somehow wiggled his way out of legal issues for years. Enough is enough. It's time to grow up and face the music.


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