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New set of expectations for Nutt, Ole Miss

Posted 7/24/2010 in Local Columns

HOOVER, Ala. -- Expectations did their best to crush the University of Mississippi football team's season in 2009. Imagine coach Houston Nutt's horror last year when he was asked if his team could have a successful season if it didn't go to Atlanta, the site of the Southeastern Conference Championship game.

Different styles appear set to produce similar results

Posted 7/22/2010 in Local Columns

HOOVER, Ala. -- It's all about the swagger for Nick Saban and Dan Mullen. The methods used at the University of Alabama and at Mississippi State to instill that mind-set are as different as the coaches who lead the young men.

Throng will have plenty to discuss at SEC Media Days

Posted 7/21/2010 in Local Columns

There's always something at the Southeastern Conference Media Days. Whether it's the aura of Tim Tebow -- and the awkward question about his virginity -- or former University of Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer getting served a subpoena in a libel suit, the event is an extravaganza of like no other.


Hype begins Wednesday for eager football fans

Posted 7/20/2010 in Local Columns

Let the hype begin. The recruiting season is nice, as are spring games. But college football officially gears up Wednesday when the Southeastern Conference holds its annual football media days.


Time to make decision, move on

Posted 7/8/2010 in Local Columns

"The Decision" will come today. That's what ESPN is calling the latest made-for-TV event. We'll have to see if Jay-Z will provide the music that will accompany LeBron James' announcement of which NBA team he will play for in the 2010-11 season.

Georgia Impact, Mobile Thrillers come away with biggest prizes

Posted 6/6/2010 in Local Columns

The right gear is just one part of a committed lifestyle. But double-barreled backpacks, wheeled coolers filled with caffeinated and clear beverages, bags of Cheez-Its to Cheetos to chewy fruit snacks, a rainbow's array of hair ribbons, or eye-black configurations that would make an artist jealous don't win games. They only make persevering through a day's worth of travel softball a little easier for players and parents. The reward for all of that preparation, which is an integral sidekick of commitment, comes from the chemistry players deliver after playing as many as three to five games in a day.

Hamilton, Bruce saga in quagmire

Posted 5/22/2010 in Local Columns

You have to admire the tenacity of the fans, parents and supporters of the Bruce High School baseball team. If the coaching staff or athletic administrators had exhibited similar diligence in pursuing a clarification of a rule neither the Bruce nor the Hamilton High School baseball teams would be in this quagmire. The situation involving the Mississippi High School Activities Association's ruling to withdraw Bruce from the Class 2A state championship series due to a violation of a pitching restriction took another turn Friday when a motion was filed in Hinds County Chancery Court to get the team reinstated.

Vigilance is crucial in all situations

Posted 5/20/2010 in Local Columns

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. If you have been stopped by a police officer and asked, "Do you know how fast you were going?", you likely discovered that fact after being penalized for going a little too quickly.

Building should be next step for program

Posted 3/30/2010 in Local Columns

Mission accomplished. Even though the Mississippi State women’s basketball team’s season ended Sunday with a 74-71 loss to Florida State in the Sweep 16 of the NCAA tournament, the Lady Bulldogs took the next step.

Decisive victory was fun to watch

Posted 3/25/2010 in Local Columns

Wow. That was the reaction many people had Nov. 22, 2009, when the Mississippi State women’s basketball team rolled past the University of Maryland 84-55 at Humphrey Coliseum.

Starkville needs to be forgetful to have title run

Posted 3/3/2010 in Local Columns

Having watched the Starkville High School boys basketball team provide the best prep basketball entertainment I’ve witnessed in my three years as a reporter and editor, I know the magnitude of today’s work and the storylines that have made this year’s team what it is. Two games away from erasing the state championship frustrations, the Yellow Jackets’ best approach to making history is to forget what happened in the past. Nevermind what you’ve heard. It’s the only way. Your opponent will do the same.


Sunglasses serve many purposes for outdoorsmen

Posted 2/13/2010 in Local Columns

Most water sports men and women you see wear sunglasses.  Anglers wear them to see better while fishing.  With polarized lenses, you are able to see underwater stumps and other cover that will likely hold a fish or two. During bedding season, anglers that bed fish wear polarized sunglasses to spot fish while they are on the bed. Pleasure boats are filled with men, women and children and most of them are wearing sunglasses for a number of reasons. Some wear them because of having to squint in the sunlight. Others wear them to look stylish.



As hunting season nears end, anglers begin to feel itch

Posted 2/7/2010 in Local Columns

With the hunting season coming to a close, I am seeing more boats on the water lately.  Anglers are beginning to feel the itch to start fishing. If they are slow and methodical with their lures and casts, they will find some good fishing.



Fishing in South differs depending on temperatures

Posted 1/31/2010 in Local Columns

In our area, winter time normally gives us passing cold fronts and slow-biting bass.  Air temperatures and water temperatures rise and fall like a roller-coaster so the fish you caught on Saturday are not cooperating on Sunday afternoon. A good friend of mine and I were able to fish for a couple of hours one Saturday and were on the water by 2 p.m. The fish weren’t biting at first, but they seemed to wake up and it turned into a good time of fishing. The best fish were caught on a jig, but the majority of the fish were caught on soft plastics.



Carousel moving forward for coaches, sports writers

Posted 1/21/2010 in Local Columns

Sometimes the coaching carousel in college football can spin out of control. In just one week, the University of Tennessee lost head coach Lane Kiffin, was turned down twice, and hired Derek Dooley. The Volunteers found an abrupt change can make for a very uncomfortable situation.



Fishing lines key to good fishing

Posted 1/18/2010 in Local Columns

Weekend anglers can get caught up in the all the sales hype when it comes to buying fishing line. Each manufacturer has many different types, colors and sizes of line. Most are designed for a specific purpose and a few, in my opinion, I consider hype. Fishing line was first made in the early 1900s out of a combination of linen, cotton and silk. In reading I found out that the line had to be un-spooled and laid out on a flat surface to dry or it would rot.


It's time for MSU women to take next step

Posted 1/12/2010 in Local Columns

The Mississippi State women’s basketball team still has an opportunity to win the Southeastern Conference regular-season title. Anyone who saw No. 4 Tennessee’s 74-48 victory against MSU on Sunday would have to consider that statement ludicrous.


Now is good time to inspect fishing rods

Posted 1/10/2010 in Local Columns

Being stuck in the house on a brutally cold weekend can be boring or have you wrapped up in “honey-do’s.”. Now is the perfect time to pull out all your fishing rods and do some maintenance. Take the reel off of each rod and inspect the rods for problems.  One of the main problems with rods is the “eyes” or guides will get bent. Straightening a rod guide is simple and should be done carefully so that you don’t break one off. 



Economy has an affect on bass fishing tournaments

Posted 1/4/2010 in Local Columns

It is no secret that the economy has impacted everyone. Jobs have been lost by the thousands and businesses have cut back and several have closed down. Although this is no secret to anyone in our nation today, what is not seen as much is the impact it is having on bass fishing. Football, baseball, basketball, etc.... have all been sports that have been followed on the television, in the paper and even going to the stadiums. Teams rise and fall in popularity based upon their success each season and most never think of the millions of dollars each team generates for the sport each season.


West Point win not surprising

Posted 12/7/2009 in Local Columns

The picture was one of desolation. The 2009 season was supposed to be a coronation, a five-month love fest in which the West Point High School football team reclaimed what was rightfully something it had lost in 2005. But Shannon High didn’t get that message, and on Aug. 21 the Red Raiders spoiled the Green Wave’s plans with an exciting 27-20 overtime victory in the season opener for both teams.


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