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Leonard Pitts Jr.: And so this is Christmas

Posted 12/9/2020 in National Columns

And so this is Christmas. So sang John Lennon in 1971. The Vietnam War took 2,414 American lives that year, so the song was a prayer of harmony and peace with a scrim of irony.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: It is time for us to break our addiction to Trump

Posted 12/2/2020 in National Columns

Dear Colleagues: Well, that was . . . normal.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Greed is only greed

Posted 11/23/2020 in National Columns

Greed is good. That, you may recall, was the mantra of corporate raider Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film, "Wall Street." It came to symbolize the rapacious gluttony of that era ญญ-- and its rejection of the dewy-eyed idealism of the 1960s.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Truth gets the final word

Posted 11/18/2020 in National Columns

The American death toll from the novel coronavirus will soon pass 250,000. That's a quarter of a million people lying with a Buick parked on their chests, swimming in their own sweat, feeble as an August breeze, head pounding like a bass drum in the devil's rock band, dying.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Acknowledging a bitter defeat is never easy

Posted 11/11/2020 in National Columns

We turn, one last time, to Hans Christian Andersen.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Springsteen wrestles with death

Posted 11/4/2020 in National Columns

Bruce Springsteen is wrestling with death.


Leonard Pitts: Happy endings in US history are not guaranteed

Posted 10/31/2020 in National Columns

America is not guaranteed. There is, in other words, nothing foreordained about this country someday returning to anything approximating normal.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Living in an era where misinformation is weaponized

Posted 10/21/2020 in National Columns

"Jared Kushner is under federal investigation for diverting money to terrorist organizations according to a guy I met at the gas station who told me he works for the FBI" is something I would never be allowed to publish.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Whitmer plot and cultural entitlement

Posted 10/14/2020 in National Columns

White people often do not understand white people.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: The Trump show must go on

Posted 10/7/2020 in National Columns

It helps if you think of it as a show.


Leonard Pitts: What is the moral response when bad things happen to bad people?

Posted 10/5/2020 in National Columns

I received the news that Donald Trump and his wife had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in a text from a family member.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Can we still be a country?

Posted 9/23/2020 in National Columns

Ultimately, it comes down to a set of rules.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: Trump's many lies no longer shock us

Posted 9/14/2020 in National Columns

We weren't going to normalize this.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: How many people would choose whiteness over democracy?

Posted 8/26/2020 in National Columns

"If people were given the choice between democracy and whiteness, how many would choose whiteness?"


Leonard Pitts Jr.: 'Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country'

Posted 8/19/2020 in National Columns

Well, that's one speech Melania Trump won't be plagiarizing.


Leonard Pitts: Donald Trump knows how to put on a show

Posted 7/27/2020 in National Columns

We are watching a show. It's important to keep that in mind.


Leonard Pitts: There's ample blame to go around in teen's COVID-19 death

Posted 7/13/2020 in National Columns

A few words on the death of Carsyn Leigh Davis.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: You can support your country or Trump, but not both

Posted 7/6/2020 in National Columns

It comes down to a binary choice. Either he is a monster or an ignoramus. Either Donald Trump did nothing when informed that American intelligence believed Russia was paying a bounty to the Taliban for killing American military personnel in Afghanistan, or he had no clue, didn't even know it was going on.


Leonard Pitts Jr.: We have a rotten tree

Posted 6/5/2020 in National Columns

After George Floyd became the latest unarmed African American killed by police.


Leonard Pitts: George Floyd's death raises an old question: 'How long?'

Posted 6/2/2020 in National Columns

"I know you're asking today, how long will it take?" Thus spake Martin Luther King Jr. at the end of the Selma to Montgomery voting rights march. He went on to assure his soul-weary people that the moment of their deliverance was just a little ways down the road.



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