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Froma Harrop: Bloomberg, billionaires and boobery

Posted 11/15/2019 in National Columns

I'd like to personally bop over the head the next Democrat who says that Michael Bloomberg shouldn't be running for president because he's a billionaire. Let's give thanks that a simple-minded dismissal of rich candidates didn't sink FDR's chances.


Froma Harrop: New York puts Trump in rearview

Posted 11/13/2019 in National Columns

The (mostly) charming family movie "Mr. Popper's Penguins" is about a divorced father living alone in his posh Manhattan digs. Unexpectedly, he receives two boxes of penguins, and chaos ensues.


Froma Harrop: Democrats preside over stronger economies

Posted 11/11/2019 in National Columns

Are you worried that the economy grew by only 1.9% in the recent quarter? That's a pretty weak performance. But it would seem downright dismal if you believed Donald Trump's assertion during the 2016 campaign that 1.9% growth during one of Barack Obama's quarters signaled an economy "in deep trouble."


Froma Harrop: Moderation and good manners actually win elections

Posted 11/7/2019 in National Columns

Moderation along with good manners delivered impressive victories to Democrats this week. Case in point was Andy Beshear's win over Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin in the Kentucky governor's race.


Froma Harrop: Betting billions on bizarre entrepreneurs

Posted 11/1/2019 in National Columns

What can you say about "sophisticated" investors who would pile billions into a startup whose 40-year-old founder walks the streets of Manhattan barefooted and says his company's mission is to "elevate the world's consciousness"? Did I mention that his enterprise has yet to turn a penny of profit?


Froma Harrop: Is Klobuchar the heartland moderate Democrats need?

Posted 10/29/2019 in National Columns

Beats me why heartland Democrats running for president haven't gained more traction. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan just left the race despite his success in part of the industrial Midwest that delivered the presidency to Donald Trump. Montana Gov. Steve Bullock continues to just hang on, arguing that he's the only Democrat who won statewide office in a very red state.


Froma Harrop: Sanders still sees Democrats as the problem

Posted 10/15/2019 in National Columns

On a recent "Saturday Night Live," Bernie Sanders (played by Larry David) exclaimed, "l'm so excited to be back and to ruin things a second time." The audience emitted a nervous laugh.


Froma Harrop: Trump invades the Democratic Party

Posted 10/8/2019 in National Columns

President Trump's path to reelection goes through the Democratic Party. Goal No. 1 is to get Democrats to eliminate his greatest threat: Joe Biden.


Froma Harrop: Which America speaks to Hong Kong?

Posted 10/7/2019 in National Columns

Celebrating 70 years of Communist Party rule, Chinese leader Xi Jinping stood in the open sunroof of a Red Flag limousine and shouted, "Greetings, comrades," to the masses below. Xi wore a Mao-style suit to his giant military parade, which featured a missile that could carry 10 nuclear warheads and strike anywhere in the United States.


Froma Harrop: Pelosi's power of restraint

Posted 10/1/2019 in National Columns

For a long time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a stop sign before vocal Democrats' revving demands to get President Donald Trump's impeachment on the road. Now her sign reads, "proceed with caution." Pelosi knows what she's doing.


Froma Harrop: Help wanted: Republicans willing to defend country

Posted 9/26/2019 in National Columns

For Democrats, political reasons to avoid stepping on the road to impeachment still stand. But political complications have collapsed in importance compared with reasons to move ahead.


Froma Harrop: Cultural appropriation has become a tedious subject

Posted 9/19/2019 in National Columns

Fashion brand Carolina Herrera has been unfairly dragged on the carpet of shame for creating an elegant gown adorned with Mexican motifs. The charge, "cultural appropriation," was made by no less a person of authority than Mexico's cultural minister.


Froma Harrop: Something's off about Elizabeth Warren

Posted 9/17/2019 in National Columns

Ed Rendell recently whacked Elizabeth Warren when she bashed Joe Biden for taking rich donors' money. The former Pennsylvania governor wrote that he himself had run a "swanky" fundraiser for Warren's Senate race, for which she thanked him royally. Furthermore, she transferred $10.4 million of her big-money hauls into her presidential campaign while bragging that she was only accepting small donations.


Froma Harrop: Online baby pics do not always amuse

Posted 9/13/2019 in National Columns

My Facebook feed often carries pictures of children whom I don't know and, in the case of sonograms, who aren't even born yet. They are strangers to me, albeit cute strangers. If I'm very close to the sender, I'll respond in a private message, "That's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen," and then move on.


Froma Harrop: Taking good money from bad people

Posted 9/11/2019 in National Columns

The now-former head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab went from hero to zero in a couple of news cycles. Once heralded for overseeing projects that use technology for social good, Joichi Ito resigned after revelations that he had tried to hide the source of donations from sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.


Froma Harrop: Curb your enthusiasms. Biden's the one

Posted 9/5/2019 in National Columns

As the Democratic contenders gallop around the backstretch, political handicappers are once again obsessing over the candidates' crowd size, the enthusiasm of said crowds and the age of the enthusiasts.


Democrats need a smarter nominating process

Posted 9/4/2019 in National Columns

Is anything really wrong with Jay Inslee? Was John Hickenlooper not qualified to be president? And is Steve Bullock a weak candidate? The answers are no, no, no and for all three, "on the contrary."


Froma Harrop: Andrew Luck: The quarterback we all need

Posted 8/29/2019 in National Columns

Andrew Luck, the superstar quarterback who just quit professional football at the tender age of 29, has received mixed reviews from the sports world.


Froma Harrop: No, there will be no big infrastructure plan

Posted 8/21/2019 in National Columns

Democrats running for president are vowing to bring high-speed internet to rural America. President Donald Trump campaigned on the same promise. It was to be part of his big infrastructure plan. But no, there will be no big infrastructure plan.


Froma Harrop: Bernie Sanders needs a shot of dignity

Posted 8/16/2019 in National Columns

I have never been a big fan of Bernie Sanders. His authoritarian tendencies and aggressive attacks on any who would disagree have outweighed the good in him.



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