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'Williams Tribute, 'Stella' contest to go virtual

Posted 8/2/2020 in Community

With six weeks to go before the planned 19th annual Tennessee Williams Tribute in Columbus, organizers have decided to make it a virtual celebration. The festival, founded by Brenda Caradine, traditionally explores all things Tennessee.


So berry good: Blueberries go with everything from Brie to brownies

Posted 7/29/2020 in Food

What's round and blue and refreshing in the middle of summer's heat? Blueberries.


Art Reach: Two nonprofits team up to 'make lemonade out of lemons'

Posted 7/25/2020 in Community

A frenzy of packing is underway at the Columbus Arts Council's Rosenzweig Arts Center. Boxes and bins fill the hallways, cover tabletops, line the walls. The flurry of activity has nothing to do with a new gallery exhibit, but it does have everything to do with art.


Public art project gives Starkville Main Street new look

Posted 7/25/2020 in Community

Planters along Starkville's Main Street are taking on a colorful new look.


Coronavirus concerns cancel fall's Kentuck Festival of the Arts

Posted 7/25/2020 in Entertainment

For 49 years, the Kentuck Festival of the Arts in Northport, Alabama, has been a premier showcase for more than 250 select artisans annually from far and wide.


Chill out: When it's too hot to turn on the oven ...

Posted 7/22/2020 in Food

To my delight, our No. 1 (only) son is home for a visit, the first one since Christmas. We've missed him dearly, but we've all been coronavirus-cautious.


Small masks, big task: A group of volunteers asks a 'village' to come together

Posted 7/18/2020 in Community

Many hands make light work. The power of that old adage is being summoned as a core of volunteers at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Columbus appeals to the public to help make several thousand cloth masks for little faces.


'Crazy Hair Art' to 'plant people,' 4-H stays connected during pandemic

Posted 7/18/2020 in Community

With so many outlets for face-to-face activity stripped from the summer of 2020 by COVID-19, youth organizations have been forced back to the drawing board.


Volunteers needed to help make 3,000 kids' masks

Posted 7/15/2020 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A group of mask-makers in Columbus is asking for volunteers with sewing machines to join them in assembling cloth face coverings for Columbus Municipal School District students in pre-K through fourth grade.


A first-time for everything: Sometimes a garden gets to the heart of why, not how-to

Posted 7/15/2020 in Food

Angie Knight would have laughed had anyone told her in February she'd be canning tomatoes, putting up squash or pickling peppers by July. Few ideas could have seemed more outlandish. But that was pre-pandemic.


A Gathering Space: New concept offers connection, growth, support in an uncertain time

Posted 7/11/2020 in Community

What would returning to school even be like? Will I ever get back to 40 hours? It's months since I've been able to hug Mom. Should I worry about my 401K? Do we postpone the wedding until it's safer to bring everyone together? Can I keep my business afloat? I'm so lonely. Will this ever end? Stressors spawned by the coronavirus pandemic cover the spectrum. For many people, concerns unimagined six months ago have emerged. That's why four Golden Triangle women created A Gathering Space -- "tips, tools and a break from the chaos."


Summer fritters: Don't miss out on fresh corn, one of summer's best gifts

Posted 7/8/2020 in Food

It's no exaggeration to say some of the best corn I've ever had came from a farmers market -- the Hitching Lot in Columbus, to be exact. The sight of the butter-yellow cobs on a market vendor's stand always reminds me of that.


Elayne, going strong: The 'doctor of dots' is at it again

Posted 7/4/2020 in Community

Some call her "the doctor of dots" or "the dot lady." Galleries tend to call her an acclaimed folk artist. Elayne Goodman simply carries on, determined not to take herself too seriously, turning the world around her into one of unbridled color and imagination.


Boys & Girls Clubs extend closure through summer

Posted 7/4/2020 in Community

Activity and laughter would normally fill every Boys & Girls Club facility in the Golden Triangle on a typical July weekday.


'Margaret's mayo': Dot Reichle shares her mama's homemade mayo, in time for a Fourth feast

Posted 7/1/2020 in Food

Dot Reichle is a woman of many talents, perhaps none so well-known as her tasty touch with food. With family Fourth of July spreads just ahead, she shares one of the secrets to her success -- her mama's homemade mayonnaise recipe. It was one of Margaret Evans' culinary signatures, often given to friends as gifts.


They're heeere: Tomatoes -- a summer super favorite

Posted 6/24/2020 in Food

Is the tomato sandwich a Southern invention? We can't say for sure, but we do know lots of folks around here seem to consider it the essence of summertime.


Teach your children well: On Father's Day, one dad talks about intentional life lessons

Posted 6/20/2020 in Community

A recurring thump of empty 5-gallon buckets on concrete punctuated a hot afternoon at the Operation Ukraine warehouse in Columbus Wednesday. In spite of the heat, three children aged 12 and younger energetically sorted the donated containers like experienced pros. They have been doing it for the past five years. Doing that, and more.


100+ Women Who Care adapts to give Impact Award

Posted 6/20/2020 in Community

Where there's a will, there's a way -- and the Loaves & Fishes Community Soup Kitchen is a beneficiary of that resolve.


Helping Hands, United Way seek fan donations

Posted 6/20/2020 in Community

Helping Hands and United Way of Lowndes and Noxubee Counties are once again combining forces to collect box fans for residents who need help beating summer's heat. Many are seniors who may not have working air conditioning, or who are living on fixed incomes and unable to afford running existing cooling units.


Tasty dishes from the garden

Posted 6/17/2020 in Food

A modest but steady stream of cars pulled up as the Hitching Lot Farmers Market opened at 4 p.m. Monday in Columbus. Monday is often a light day for the market, but those with produce to sell were kept fairly busy with customers who lined up, socially distanced, for early picks of the fresh corn, squash, eggplant, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and blackberries available.



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