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Blazing new trails in Artesia

Posted 3/25/2010 in Business

Just last fall I commandeered an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) all over some privately owned property in Madison County in southwest Illinois


Local surveyor: His life meanders like river

Posted 3/11/2010 in Business

Columbus is a river town, so to start this week’s column, let me ask you a question about rivers. OK, here it is: Does the water in a flowing river tend to move in a straight line, or does it meander from side to side? You have three seconds, so think quickly.


John Dorroh: For a really good burger, diners go to Christy’s

Posted 3/4/2010 in Business

Well-traveled businessman sells wigs in Eupora

Posted 2/18/2010 in Business

John Dorroh: George Taylor, a portrait of passion

Posted 1/30/2010 in Columns

In October I ventured to Northport, Ala., to see what was going on at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, an annual two-day conclave of artists whose work is top-notch.


John Dorroh: Tommy Orr offers barbecue with a unique twist

Posted 1/14/2010 in Business

I like a good hamburger, and I know how to spot one before it ever makes its way into my gullet. However, I usually don’t make it a habit to have them for breakfast. Let me tell you about a recent exception.


John Dorroh: Recycling more than trash

Posted 1/7/2010 in Business

Re-inventing a local duo’s work identity: Recycling more than trash Green, green, green — everything’s gone green. To tell you the truth, it’s often terribly difficult to tell whose green efforts are effective and who has simply jumped onto the bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do.


Local artists share skills and space

Posted 11/12/2009 in Business

One of my favorite teachers was Fran Land. She shared her love of art with me and all the kids at Caldwell Junior High way back in the late 1960s.


John Dorroh: From lime to shine

Posted 10/22/2009 in Business

I can’t count the number of people I know who, because of the economic downturn, have had to take desperate measures in order to be able to bring money into their households. Just three weeks ago I drove one of my neighbors to Tupelo to catch a Greyhound to attend truck-driving school in Texas.


John Dorroh: Lifeclinic’s health stations: More than checking your blood pressure

Posted 9/10/2009 in Business

There was a time not so long ago when people would have laughed in your face if you had asked them to pay for drinking water. Those same people probably would not have bought into the idea of a portable telephone that could act as a camera, music center, GPS and a complete media center.


John Dorroh: Tomorrow’s pride: When a house becomes a home

Posted 8/13/2009 in Business

One summer while visiting friends in Flagler Beach, Fla., I was treated to the best seafood meal I had ever eaten. It was local gourmet, sort of like what you might see on Guy Fierri’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” on the Food Network. To this day I can’t recall having a feast topped in quality, presentation, taste and price.


John Dorroh: Bees are thriving at Busy Bee Nursery and Lawn Service

Posted 8/6/2009 in Business

Last summer I worked for a short period of time at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. One of the first displays you see upon purchasing your ticket in the foyer is a legend under glass dubbed “What’s Blooming This Week?”


John Dorroh: Toning up at Toner Van saves green

Posted 7/30/2009 in Business

When I bought a printer for my first computer, I was surprised how inexpensive it was. Several friends warned me, “Don’t get excited yet. Just wait until you start buying printer cartridges. That’s where they get you!” It was true, too.


John Dorroh: Melange: Two friends and a leap of faith

Posted 7/23/2009 in Business

I had a friend in high school who knew from elementary school he wanted to be a veterinarian. There were animals all around his family’s farm house, and there was always a crisis, an animal dilemma. He thrived off of it.


John Dorroh: Styling has gone to the dogs

Posted 7/16/2009 in Business

I read the results of a study that identified characteristics of dogs in animal shelters with a higher adoption rate by families or individuals. It wasn’t surprising to learn that the highest percentage of adoptions were of pure breeds, dogs that are well-groomed or both.


John Dorroh: East Columbus man has lots of sole

Posted 7/9/2009 in Business

I have a friend who is a flashy dresser, all the way down to his shoes, which he never throws away. I believe he has the first pair of tennis shoes that he got in junior high.


John Dorroh: Greek/American restaurant under new management

Posted 6/25/2009 in Business

Not so many years ago I would often celebrate the end of a work day at West Point High School by enjoying an early dinner at “It’s Greek to Me,” which was located about 200 yards from the “back gates” of Columbus Air Force Base. I would drive a few miles out of the way to the non-descript strip mall where “It’s Greek to Me” did a nice business for more years than I can remember.


Home-based businesses among the bounty at Farmers’ Market

Posted 6/11/2009 in Business

I took a stroll last Saturday morning through the Farmers’ Market, heading straight to the coffee station upon my arrival at the corner of 2nd Avenue North and 2nd Street North. I had to have some java in order to function, and the southern pecan kicked in quickly. My focus was to purchase vegetables for a quiche.


A true Full Nelson: Local coach makes tackles by the yard

Posted 6/4/2009 in Business

June arrived and summer was born, as if it might have been turned on with the twist of a water spigot. WHAM! ... just like that! Teachers and students started their summer break just before the humidity became an issue. The heat is on.


Wingin’ it: a national culinary phenomenon

Posted 5/28/2009 in Business

I had a high school government teacher who often kiddingly told us, “Don’t mess with my money, and don’t mess with my food.” I wondered what he meant back then, but I think I’ve long since figured it out.



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