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Anne's Kitchen: Italian spinach and tasty pastas

Posted 5/11/2016 in Food

We recently visited Terry's daughter and her husband and were treated to a delicious dinner of lasagna and something she called "Italian Spinach.


Anne's Kitchen: Macaroni salad -- elevate it

Posted 4/27/2016 in Food

Recently I made a side salad to go with a sandwich lunch for a group. I had planned on potato salad but changed to macaroni salad to avoid peeling potatoes.


Anne's Kitchen: Food blog favs

Posted 3/30/2016 in Food

I have been making a half-hearted attempt to pare down my cookbooks. We hope to move into a much smaller home some day, and I have to give up something in return for asking Terry to throw out his college textbooks and notes.


Anne's Kitchen: What's in a word? A funny term, but great chicken

Posted 3/16/2016 in Food

Last week I spatchcocked a chicken! No need to blush; spatchcock is a culinary term referring to removing the backbone of poultry to flatten the bird for cooking.


Anne's Kitchen: Need a special entree? Anne Freeze talks individual Beef Wellingtons

Posted 2/24/2016 in Food

I recently attended a lovely dinner organized by a local garden club as a fun yearly get-together.


Anne's Kitchen: A whirlwind of cooking

Posted 2/10/2016 in Food

It's been a busy cooking time for me. The Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi was in town, and we had a luncheon for him at St Paul's Episcopal Church.


Anne's Kitchen: Girls' weekend out

Posted 1/27/2016 in Food

Some of us are lucky enough to have lifelong friends.


Anne's Kitchen: A favorite: Chicken and dumplings

Posted 1/13/2016 in Food

I don't understand why, but I never tasted chicken and dumplings until I was an adult.


Anne's Kitchen: Trending for 2016

Posted 12/30/2015 in Columns

For us Christmas has been a peak of the whole family of 14 over for a full day on Dec. 19, followed by two weeks of the laziest days I've ever spent.


Anne's Kitchen: Here they are -- quick holiday snacks

Posted 12/16/2015 in Food

I don't care who you are, December is busy.


Anne's Kitchen: Memory-making foods

Posted 12/2/2015 in Food

Thanksgiving is behind us. On Sunday I used the last of my turkey breast-for-two and made turkey salad.


Anne's Kitchen: Cauliflower, an 'it' food

Posted 11/18/2015 in Food

What do couscous, quinoa, kale and cauliflower have in common?


Anne's Kitchen: Fall days, fall soups

Posted 11/4/2015 in Food

In my last column I longed for fall and cool weather. Two weeks later I am at the lake, stuck inside because of cool, fall rain for the past two days.


Anne's Kitchen: Oktoberfest is in the air

Posted 10/21/2015 in Food

At long last there's a faint, far-off whisper of fall in the air.


Want to go meatless tonight? Anne Freeze has a couple of tasty options

Posted 9/30/2015 in Food

I am in the process of decluttering my home, and as you may know from personal experience, it can be a daunting task.


Anne's Kitchen: Retro weekend and good crumb chicken

Posted 9/16/2015 in Food

I was back home in Athens, Georgia, this past weekend at my high school reunion, and it was a fun, fun, fun time.


Anne's Kitchen: About salads -- tossed and composed

Posted 9/2/2015 in Food

There are two types of salad: tossed and composed.


Anne's Kitchen: Butter beans, with a twist

Posted 8/12/2015 in Food

When I was in college in Raleigh, North Carolina, my roommate, Betsy, was from Chapel Hill, some 20 miles away.


Anne's Kitchen: Put a dedicated foodie and a case of tomatoes together, and look what you get

Posted 7/29/2015 in Food

A couple of weeks ago I bought a case of tomatoes that weren't quite pretty enough to sell full price.


Anne's Kitchen: A bit of summer heat with eggplant

Posted 7/15/2015 in Food

At last Saturday's farmers' market in Columbus I had a booth selling homemade soups from market products.



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