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Being Beautiful: Not an angel, but my angel

Posted 2/10/2018 in Columns

She came to me, not like an angel, but as my angel, her embrace just as I remember.


Being Beautiful: Have you visited Memory Lane lately?

Posted 2/3/2018 in Columns

I wish we could go back to the moments in life that seem to stand still in our minds. Like Cher says, "If I could turn back time ... "


Being Beautiful: The enduring love of a gentle giant, kisses and all

Posted 1/27/2018 in Columns

I have often wondered what goes through her mind when she curls herself into a big ball on the sofa and sleeps, and she does this a lot.


Being Beautiful: Remember the lessons of history in 2018

Posted 1/6/2018 in Columns

With the New Year's Eve champagne barely behind us, 2018 unfolds full of promise and challenge.


Being Beautiful: High kicks and modest kisses in a winter wonderland

Posted 12/23/2017 in Columns

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, even though technically I have already had one.


Being Beautiful: The 'Twelve Days of ... Springtime'?

Posted 12/16/2017 in Columns

It was a few weeks before Christmas in 1981 and all the halls of Richton Elementary School came alive with handmade Santa Clauses made from construction paper, scissors and glitter.


Being Beautiful: Of miniature marshmallows and times gone by

Posted 12/9/2017 in Columns

Just last night while lying in bed with my Great Dane, flannel pajamas and the classic holiday movie "A Christmas Carol" playing, I sipped hot chocolate from my favorite Rudolph mug, the one with the chip on it.


Being Beautiful: Friends beat out toys and tractors as Christmas gifts

Posted 12/2/2017 in Columns

My Christmas list to Santa reads quite differently than the one I penned under the supervision of my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Jeffcoats, all those years ago.


Being Beautiful: Star of wonder, star of light

Posted 11/25/2017 in Columns

"Look at lights! Look at lights!" She was too young for much of a vocabulary, but her exuberance transcended the need for words.


Being Beautiful: Does anyone have any extra fairy dust?

Posted 11/18/2017 in Columns

There are so many things I miss about Thanksgiving now that the light in my little stone cottage on Dykes Chapel Road has dimmed.


Being Beautiful: 'Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend ... '

Posted 11/12/2017 in Columns

Well, that's according to Groucho Marks. This much I know: The books we read while children stay with us our whole lives. One of my favorites is "Frog and Toad Are Friends," written and illustrated by Arnold Lobel and published in 1970.


Being Beautiful: Jesus loves me, and so did she

Posted 11/4/2017 in Columns

Birthdays are the best! Mine is this month, and I am ecstatic to be celebrating it with the best of friends in one of my favorite cities in the world, Washington, D.C.


Being Beautiful: Bubble gum and Tootsie Rolls for Wonder Woman and the Wolf Man

Posted 10/28/2017 in Columns

My mind is a cauldron of memories bubbling over, especially appropriate for Halloween. Who does not remember his or her favorite costumes from childhood?


Being Beautiful: The price of education and the cost of not learning

Posted 10/21/2017 in Columns

Being Beautiful: How are you today? I really want to know ...

Posted 10/14/2017 in Columns

We need more simple acts of random kindness.


Being Beautiful: With liberty and justice for all

Posted 10/7/2017 in Columns

I was taught first by my daddy, a proud veteran, then by my elementary school teachers that the flag is a symbol of everything American and should be treated as such.


Being Beautiful: Tales of Ferris wheels, funnel cakes and first cousins

Posted 9/30/2017 in Columns

The fair is coming to town!


Being Beautiful: Tethering hot air balloons, loosely

Posted 9/23/2017 in Columns

There has always been more than little bit of Peter Pan in me.


Being Beautiful: To persist or to aggravate?

Posted 9/16/2017 in Columns

Southerners know it all too well, the lush green vine that coils, winds and climbs over everything in its path from trees to houses -- kudzu.


Being Beautiful: Heaven must surely have a special place for dogs

Posted 9/9/2017 in Columns

All dogs go to Heaven, and you will never convince me otherwise.



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