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Being Beautiful: Remembering screen doors left unlatched

Posted 7/22/2017 in Columns

It's hot as Hades in Mississippi, and that's even in the shade with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade.


Being Beautiful: Where have all the dragons gone?

Posted 7/15/2017 in Columns

It's hard to argue with a fire-breathing dragon.


Being Beautiful: Equal parts sugar and patience, a winning recipe

Posted 7/8/2017 in Columns

Summer and homemade ice cream seem to go perfectly together.


Being Beautiful: Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now

Posted 7/1/2017 in Columns

I awoke this morning to the unmistakable aroma of sausage frying. To my surprise and great delight, there were also biscuits rising in the oven.


Being Beautiful: Roll over, Beethoven

Posted 6/24/2017 in Columns

There are not many things that stir the soul quite like hearing the one you love play familiar gospel hymns on his new (well, actually used and very old) baby grand piano.


Being Beautiful: Getting lost and getting found through friendship

Posted 6/17/2017 in Columns

I have always heard that friends are the family you choose. Virginia Woolf said it best: "Some people go to priests, others to poetry, I to my friends."


Being Beautiful: Even mama's boys should remember dad now and then

Posted 6/10/2017 in Columns

Most folks who know me would declare I am always five or ten minutes late.


Being Beautiful: All dolled up and everywhere to go

Posted 6/3/2017 in Columns

If you squinch your eyes just a little, open your imagination as far as it will go, and add a sprinkle of pixie dust if you have it handy, it's not that hard to make them "real."


Being Beautiful: A Kodak moment shared with my daddy

Posted 5/27/2017 in Columns

I wished that moment would last forever.


Being Beautiful: With all due respect to cats and hamsters, dogs rule at my house

Posted 5/20/2017 in Columns

Ah, Sophia ... I remember the days leading up to when she would be ours.


Being Beautiful: Musings on bridges built with love by women forged of steel

Posted 5/13/2017 in Columns

My mind is saturated with unforgettable mothers, I suppose because Mother's Day marks our calendars once again.


Being Beautiful: Sometimes hope is all we have

Posted 5/6/2017 in Columns

This is a story of hope.


Being Beautiful: Memories, like flowers, bloom brightly in all seasons

Posted 4/29/2017 in Columns

What is it about flowers that we love so much?


Being Beautiful: Revision, reunion and the joy of second chances

Posted 4/22/2017 in Columns

My favorite prefix is "re."


Being Beautiful: Far across the distance and spaces between us

Posted 4/15/2017 in Columns

I grew up with brothers, three of them, not a single girl child in our house when we were children.


Being Beautiful: From Air Supply to ZZ Top, Ricky Schroeder to John Stamos

Posted 4/8/2017 in Columns

Some of the things I did as a youngster make me laugh now.


Being Beautiful: Food for the body and food for the soul

Posted 4/1/2017 in Columns

Why are we so nostalgic?


Being Beautiful: What ever happened to Baby Jane?

Posted 3/26/2017 in Columns

Imagine with me, if you can, saving up your spare coins for a long time, heading off to an anniversary or birthday dinner at The Brown Derby, one of old Hollywood's most celebrated restaurants.


Being Beautiful: Spreading sparkles from china cabinets to petting zoos

Posted 3/18/2017 in Columns

I was just a little boy with his mama, and we had driven up Dykes Chapel Road to Miss Jessy Jean's house, Perry County's own petting zoo, because she had at least one of every living thing created by God and known to man.


Being Beautiful: Of Willie Vee, Victoria Ivy and their unbroken circle of love

Posted 3/11/2017 in Columns

Let me be guilty of many things, but never of ingratitude.



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