David Creel: The 'Princess Kate' cut spans the globe




First comes love, then comes marriage ... then comes the hairstyle that has transfixed the world. 


The "Princess Kate" hairstyle might very well be the most photographed, videoed and talked about of the year. From Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and sitting shotgun alongside her prince (complete with Rolls Royce and carriage) to our neck of the woods, Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge, as she is properly called, has a captive audience with all eyes on the mane event.  


The royal wedding has come and gone like a Cinderella fairytale, but glimpses into the beauty of the day linger in salons all over the world with one request, the "Princess Kate" hairstyle. The haircut is in keeping with her simple, no-nonsense -- dare I say All-American -- spirit, with a seemingly effortless elegant vibe. The length sits just below the shoulders for a vibrant bounce with every move, in large part due to the strategically executed round layers carved into the bottom of the cut.  


Gone apparently are the days of yesterday''s royalty, with tiara-clad and constrained hairdos making way for the modernity ever-so welcomed with Kate. The thing that breathes life into this rich, dark brown hairstyle is the versatility. Whether rolled ever-so-slightly, coaxing the edges up and out for more flair, or twisted up into a loose chignon anchored with a fascinator, it''s all about options. I love options. It''s young, fresh and real, making it everyone''s hairstyle.  


In the salon, I might add a dollop or two of a volumizing pomade while damp to rev up the oomph factor, spritzing with a smoothing serum for a glass-like shine. I might slip it all back into a sporty ponytail, remembering to add those little royal treatments. One would be to pull out a tiny strand from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic for a princess ponytail worthy of a queen-in-waiting.  


Also, do you remember the rule of brushing the hair every night for 100 strokes before bedtime? Well, brushing does distribute essential oils throughout the hair strands for added shine, but it mostly encourages new hair growth that leads to hair worthy of tiaras and jewels. Finally, that brings me to the hair ornaments that are hugely popular in Britain and the world over. Think sparkles from rhinestones, pearls and sequins (and if you are the princess, maybe a diamond or two) on barrettes, hairpins and headpieces.  


For a Cinderella moment all your own, just ask your stylist for the "Princess Kate." And long live the queen, even if she is only a princess for now.



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