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School news: Annunciation Catholic School Honor Roll


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3rd Grade Principal's List: Emma Kate Dowdle, Sophia Fabel, Cora Gibson, Mason House, Delia Lochala, Rhett Shanahan and Shelby Shanahan. 3rd Grade Honor Roll: Harrison Buffa, Luke Clarke, Brandon Glover, Abby Ingber, Allie Porter and Clara Seman-Varner. 4th Grade Principal's List: Maggie Birks, Hannah Daniels, Jared Gruseck, Maris James and Cameron Jones. 4th Grade Honor Roll: Adam Adair and Paulina Leyva. 5th Grade Principal's List: Matthew Swiderski, Natalie Grace Staggers, Sally Stafford, Anne Clark Shepherd, Wyatt Shanahan, Maya Seman-Varner, Mathis Morris, Alex Meissen, Zya Kelly and Kelly Bell. 5th Grade Honor Roll: Ayden Richardson, Andrew Keith, Mary Kathryn David and Grayson Ballx. 6th Grade Principal's List: Cecelia Herbert and Davis Pool. 6th Grade Honor Roll: Ellis Clark, Ashlyn Glover, Mark Gibson, Jack Gruseck, Rayne Phillips and Patrick Wofford. 7th Grade Principal's List: Kale Ensser, Tristan Morris and Josephine Shanahan. 7th Grade Honor Roll: Rachel Lafayette, Sidney Mason, Thomas Murray and Sara Sheward. 8th Grade Principal's List: Reese Dunn, Sawyer Gray, Mary Ellen Owings and Sarah Claire Swiderski. 8th Grade Honor Roll: Javad Aarabi, Marina Fabel, Haley Marie Fisackerly, Phillip Livingston, Avery Pool, Michelle Sobley and Genevieve Timm. 


ACS Honor Roll Requirements: 85 or above in each subject area. Principal's List Requirements: 90 or above in each subject area.



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