A Stone's Throw: Saying goodbye to a friend


Betty Stone



We met 59 years ago in an employee-employer relationship. We parted as dear friends 10 days ago by her death. For 57 of those years, as long as her health lasted, she worked for me in my household. She retired only when she literally could not work any more, but she remained one of the most special people in our lives.


It was one of the closest relationships people can have. She knew our household inside out. She "raised" our girls, knew my husband's schedule and favorite foods, which she cooked, I'll vow, better than anyone else. She was a confidante of our daughters, frequently stopping them from rash actions or passing judgment on boyfriends. I believe she had a strong say-so on some of the marriages.


She was extraordinarily dependable. Even when her house burned down, she came to work. I would never have asked that of her. I do not believe she ever asked for time off, though she had it. She was one of the most steadfast of people I'll ever know.



She was with us in the good times, as most of them were. She was there, also, in the worst. She started work with us when our middle child was 10 months old. She saw all three through college -- one through law school -- was part of "great occasions," sicknesses, children's marriages and the birth of their babies. There were in our household long years of sickness, frustrating in their limitations, but met with great courage and stoicism. There were even times of laughter with the trials. During the dreadfully hard years of illness, she was always ready to help. There was just nobody else like Daisy. She was unique. Our friends knew and loved her. She was there in happiness and when death tore family from us, as it has now torn her.


But our loved ones never completely leave us. Nor will Daisy. She will be a part of us as long as we, ourselves, live.


She had great faith. I have no doubt she is a blessing in Heaven, as she was on earth.


Betty Boyls Stone is a freelance writer, who grew up in and lives in Columbus.



Betty Boyls Stone is a freelance writer, who grew up in Columbus.


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