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Dill and butter? Dull. Take carrots to a robust new level

Posted 4/29/2015 in Food

Butter and dill are lovely on roasted carrots, but this spring I wanted something a little more ... robust.

Relay for Life: Food, fun and hope highlight Saturday's Relay in Columbus

Posted 4/22/2015 in Food

There are any number of great places to eat in the Golden Triangle, week in and week out. But there is one place where food dollars spent Saturday can add power and punch to the fight against cancer.

Healthy way to get the wilted spinach salad out of the '70s

Posted 4/22/2015 in Food

Remember the warm spinach salad? That hot bacon dressing, crumbles of blue cheese, crunchy nuts and those canned orange slices, all mounded over a bed of slightly wilted spinach?

Freshness, not thickness, matters when buying asparagus

Posted 4/22/2015 in Food

When shopping for asparagus, people often focus on the wrong thing -- how thick the stalks are. They think thinner is better.

Craving catfish: A Southern staple, blackened and delicious

Posted 4/15/2015 in Food

There's been so much catfish in the air lately -- the Catfish in the Alley cooking contest Saturday in downtown Columbus, and the CONTACT Helpline catfish (and barbecue) plate fundraiser the same day. It seemed an appropriate time to touch on this prolific Southern staple.


Anne's Kitchen: Stir-fry with shrimp

Posted 4/15/2015 in Food

I had every healthy intention of continuing my miniseries on ancient grains with a few words on millet and amaranth. However, you know how many roads are paved with some of those intentions.



Tomato growing, contest topics of upcoming seminar

Posted 4/15/2015 in Food

The Lowndes County Extension Service and Lowndes Farm Supply present a free Tomato Battle and Tomato Growing seminar Tuesday.


Combine edamame and walnuts for savory vegan taco

Posted 4/15/2015 in Food

For my daughter's 10th birthday, I took 15 giggling girls to dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.


Anne's Kitchen: Quinoa: A popular, healthy superfood

Posted 4/1/2015 in Food

Quinoa (KEEN-wah) is probably the world's most popular superfood.


Make your own or let someone else do the baking, but celebrate Easter and spring with something sweet

Posted 4/1/2015 in Food

Ahh, spring. We've been teased before, but surely it well and truly arrives on the wings of Easter.

An Easter meringue inspired coconut cake and coconut cream

Posted 4/1/2015 in Food

It's just not Easter without some sort of coconut dessert, whether it's a classic Southern coconut cake or a creamy coconut chocolate egg.

Move over butter and jam. Toast gets hip.

Posted 3/25/2015 in Food

You may have heard word of it, the toast craze that sprang up in San Francisco last year and spread. Yes, the humble breakfast food went hipster.

Asparagus? Meh! This Easter give me bacon, eggs and potatoes

Posted 3/25/2015 in Food

The classic foods of Easter dinner have never done much for me.

Dressing up spring asparagus with an easy brown butter sauce

Posted 3/25/2015 in Food

Remember the days when you knew spring was coming by the arrival of asparagus at the grocer?


Anne's Kitchen: Exploring the 'ancient grains'

Posted 3/18/2015 in Food

The term "ancient grains" has been the buzzword on food blogs, in magazines and on grocery labels for the past several years.


A fresh take on the classic Easter ham -- with a fresh ham

Posted 3/18/2015 in Food

During my personal wonder years, the main dish on our family holiday tables never changed. It was quite comforting, in fact.

A light, vibrant chilled soup fit for spring

Posted 3/18/2015 in Food

Soup can be an unusual choice for a spring dinner.


Psychology on order: How restaurants get you to spend more

Posted 3/18/2015 in Food

You may think you're immune to transparent sales pitches like "Do you want fries with that?" But the tactics restaurants use to nudge you into spending a little extra may be subtler than you realize.


Want to love salads a little more? Check out Salad Love

Posted 3/18/2015 in Food

For most of us, salads are mainly unplanned affairs. Which is why the idea of salad cookbooks can seem kind of silly.

Food for the Soul: A soul food supper celebrates down-home dishes and community spirit

Posted 3/11/2015 in Food

Eight years ago, a few seniors who regularly gathered at what would become the Townsend Community Center in central Columbus came up with the idea for a soul food supper.


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