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Seasoning a winter soup with nutritional yeast

Posted 11/7/2012 in Food

It's awfully hard to get excited about a food called "nutritional yeast flakes."

Use instant coffee to add java jolt to steak tips

Posted 10/31/2012 in Food

Most of us have to be suffering from a pretty mind-blowing caffeine withdrawal migraine before we'll reach for instant coffee. That doesn't mean you shouldn't buy some, because while instant coffee makes a generally lousy cup of java, it can do astounding things for your cooking.


Try it out: linguine with fennel tuna sauce

Posted 10/31/2012 in Food

The humble can of tuna continues to inspire recipes; this one, from Levana Kirschenbaum's comprehensive new book, "The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen," is a keeper because it uses both the fennel bulb and its fronds.


Haunted hostess: Get into the spirit

Posted 10/24/2012 in Food

It's that time of year again, when pumpkins, ghosties and bumps in the night provide that delicious tingle that makes Halloween a fun time to indulge.


Parsnips: Learn to love the "other" mashed potato

Posted 10/24/2012 in Food

As a kid I never much cared for parsnips.



A glass of eyeball punch or a shot of orange haze?

Posted 10/24/2012 in Food

It's not enough for Halloween drinks to be delicious. They also have to be creepy.


Chilifest: A fall favorite is on this Starkville JA fundraiser's menu

Posted 10/17/2012 in Food

When the weather takes on the crisp mantle of autumn, our taste buds turn to fall's favorite foods. Chili often tops the list.


A small, but still sweet, take on caramel apples

Posted 10/17/2012 in Food

Have you seen the size of caramel apples lately?


Add new plays to game day with Southern Living's 'Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook'

Posted 10/11/2012 in Food

Looking to freshen up your tailgate spread? Well, Southern Living and the Southeastern Conference have teamed up to help.


Smoked fish and why you should love it

Posted 10/11/2012 in Food

Several thousand years ago, people discovered that exposing fish to intense amounts of salt and smoke was a great way of preserving the catch for later.


Countdown is on for release of Starkville native's "Sushi Secrets" cookbook

Posted 10/3/2012 in Food

That Marisa Baggett ever ended up as a sushi chef is, she conceded, somewhat of a happy accident.

A healthy muffin with a sweet (potato) side

Posted 10/3/2012 in Food

When I told my mother -- a fiend for candied ginger -- that I was testing a batch of these muffins, she said she wished she could fly right over and dig in. She's not the only one.


Crab crostini with maple-mustard vinaigrette

Posted 10/3/2012 in Food

The lightly dressed crab shines in this pretty appetizer, which is finished with a tangle of mixed greens and small local or cherry tomatoes.


Putting the coffee back in the coffeecake

Posted 10/3/2012 in Food

Adding coffee to coffeecake is a simple way to take something great and make it even better.

Chef Sarah Labensky shares favorite recipes in new cookbook

Posted 9/26/2012 in Food

Patrons of the Front Door-Back Door restaurant have reasons to celebrate. First, far from closing Sept. 8 as had been originally announced, the doors of "the Door" -- one of downtown Columbus' most popular eateries since 1996 -- remain open. And second, even as departing owner and chef Sarah Labensky turns over the keys to new proprietors Jim Lewis and Steve McLemore, she has released a much-anticipated cookbook.

A burger for Dad so good it seems bad for him

Posted 9/26/2012 in Food

Dads love grilling. Dads love burgers. Trouble is, good burgers don't always love Dad back.

Dinner in 35 minutes: Chicken with ginger and orange stuffing

Posted 9/26/2012 in Food

For those of you who haven't kept up with Olivia Newton-John, the Australian singer-actor has had a whole lifestyle thing going on.

Greek chicken, tomato and green bean sauté

Posted 9/19/2012 in Food

The flavors are Greek; the cooking method is Chinese. The fusion results in a dish that is full of flavor. It's a good way to use up late-season green beans, which can be a little tough.


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