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In the garden with Felder: Exposed roots? Celebrate them

Posted 1/25/2020 in Columns

Oops! My roots are showing, but it's OK.

Southern Gardening: Dianthus varieties add color to landscape in cool weather

Posted 1/25/2020 in Columns

I don't think you can go wrong with some dianthus in your landscape in 2020.

In the garden with Felder: Check out this 'Gardener's Bill of Rights'

Posted 1/18/2020 in Columns

Life has enough pressures, why include them in the garden?

Southern Gardening: Zinnia elegans are ideal flowers for summertime

Posted 1/18/2020 in Columns

Now that we're fully into January, it's time to get serious about planning our gardens for 2020.

In the garden with Felder: Checking out those 'somethings of the year'

Posted 1/11/2020 in Columns

Just got another email alert about a plant being promoted alluringly as the 2020 Something of the Year. There's always something.

Southern Gardening: Tips can make garden work easier in 2020

Posted 1/11/2020 in Columns

In the gym this morning, I noticed there were many, many more people exercising than usual. It struck me that these folks were following through on their New Year's resolutions to improve themselves for 2020 -- at least for a while.

In the garden with Felder: There's interest to be found outside the 'even -Steven' mindset

Posted 1/4/2020 in Columns

Don't know when or why, but somewhere along the line I stopped being an "even" numbers guy. Now I'm a happily odd guy, at least when it comes to symmetry in the garden.

Southern Gardening: Ancient art of gardening still brings rewards today

Posted 1/4/2020 in Columns

As we bid farewell to 2019, I've been reflecting on gardens and gardening in general. I wrote several weeks ago about the changing attitudes and current perceptions that home gardeners have about their landscapes and gardens.

Southern Gardening: Gary highlights four plant winners of 2019

Posted 12/28/2019 in Columns

The problems started with a bit cooler and much wetter spring season.

In the garden with Felder: Raise up a Southern child right

Posted 12/21/2019 in Columns

Good tidings from the South's winter garden! I plucked a fistful of super fragrant paperwhite daffodils last week, the first of my cherished winter flowers -- a week before winter officially started.

Southern Gardening: Try these kale varieties for colorful, edible gardens

Posted 12/21/2019 in Columns

I'm continuing to catch up with my landscape and garden work after an extremely busy fall and early winter season.


In the garden with Felder: Get creative with 'confinement'

Posted 12/14/2019 in Columns

My yard is now a better garden, in the medieval sense of the word. A new custom-designed entry gate has created a special feeling of being set apart from the outside. As it should.


Southern Gardening: Cool-season veggies are good in gardens, meals

Posted 12/14/2019 in Columns

Winter is finally here, whether you go by the meteorological date of Dec.1 or the upcoming astrological date of Dec. 21.

In the garden with Felder: Some year-end decisions in the garden

Posted 12/7/2019 in Columns

My leaf and compost pile is breaking my mind's heart. Heaps of once-had-to-have plants have been left to rot into more useful soil amendments.

Southern Gardening: Savannah hollies decorate landscapes past Christmas

Posted 12/7/2019 in Columns

I love when the calendar strikes Dec. 1, because it means we are officially in the Christmas season.

In the garden with Felder: Looking back on autumn's show

Posted 11/30/2019 in Columns

I'm already missing autumn's dazzling display of colors, while right in the middle of one of the best in memory.

Southern Gardening: Sorbet violas offer rich variety of winter color

Posted 11/30/2019 in Columns

For cool-season color, you can't beat the old-fashioned plants our grandparents called Johnny jump-ups.

In the garden with Felder: To rake, or not to rake

Posted 11/23/2019 in Columns

To rake or not to rake is something that comes up every autumn, with proponents of both the pros and cons rarely offering a literally middle-ground solution.

Southern Gardening: Leaf structure explains marvel of fall color change

Posted 11/23/2019 in Columns

I am thoroughly thankful I made the move to coastal Mississippi a dozen years ago.

In the garden with Felder: Did your garden get 'booglified'?

Posted 11/16/2019 in Columns

Far as I know, there isn't a formal word for what happens when frozen summer plants melt into a greenish glob. But botanically and practically, it's nasty.


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