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In the garden with Felder: Reflecting on frogs -- no, not the live kind

Posted 9/14/2019 in Columns

I have more frogs than I know what to do with, what with being able to use only one at a time.

Southern Gardening: Crape myrtle bark scale remain landscape problem

Posted 9/14/2019 in Columns

This weekend while driving in my hometown of Ocean Springs, I looked at the crape myrtles planted in the median all along Highway 90. I noticed that most of the trees had a dark cast to them, even on a bright, sunny morning.

In the garden with Felder: Keep an eye out for garden invaders

Posted 9/7/2019 in Columns

There's a scary new vine in my garden, a good contender for anyone who wants to come back in the next life as an unkillable weed.

Southern Gardening: American beautyberry shines in late summer

Posted 8/31/2019 in Columns

One of my favorite Mississippi native plants is just starting to show its true landscape value. Of course, I'm referring to our native Callicarpa americana, known commonly and affectionately as the American beautyberry.

In the garden with Felder: Sometimes 'native' plants aren't so native after all

Posted 8/31/2019 in Columns

After returning last week from my summer home in England, a walk around the 'hood unearthed a surprising realization, that what we call our classic Southern gardens are bedded with mostly beauties from afar. Floral immigrants, so to speak.

In the garden with Felder: What are the best butterfly plants for Mississippi gardens?

Posted 8/23/2019 in Columns

What are the very best butterfly plants for Mississippi gardens? It's a real head scratcher, because not all butterfly plants are great garden plants, and not all of our many butterflies find their way to all gardens anyway.

Southern Gardening: The right caladiums can thrive in full sun

Posted 8/23/2019 in Columns

In recent years, gardeners everywhere have seen quite a few plants that were once grown only in shady conditions come out into the sunshine. Sunpatiens were my first experience with these now sun lovers.

In the garden with Felder: Some memorial plants can survive almost anything

Posted 8/16/2019 in Columns

We gardeners manage to put plants in all sorts of challenging situations and expect them to perform well; several sites really stand out.

Southern Gardening: Ornamental peppers have versatility and value

Posted 8/16/2019 in Columns

The late summer garden and landscape in Mississippi can be a tough place. Extreme heat and humidity result in heat index numbers that keep me, like many other gardeners, indoors enjoying the air conditioning.

In the garden with Felder: Daylily among most popular plants in the world

Posted 8/10/2019 in Columns

What do you think the most popular passalong garden plant might be, world-wide?

Southern Gardening: Common names complicate Long Beach Red radish search

Posted 8/10/2019 in Columns

One of the most fun things to do in the garden is to share stories. One of the best ones I have heard and shared is about my search for the long-lost Long Beach Red radish.

Southern Gardening: Pride of Barbados adds orange color to landscape

Posted 8/3/2019 in Columns

While Pride of Barbados thrives in deserts and the tropics, I believe we could also appreciate its beauty in Mississippi landscapes.

In the garden with Felder: Rediscover the inner child

Posted 8/3/2019 in Columns

Playing in the garden nurtures something that a lot of us have abandoned a long time ago: our inner child.

Southern Gardening: Banana plants add color, tropical flair to landscape

Posted 7/27/2019 in Columns

I'm getting more questions about growing bananas, which means Mississippi gardeners are interested in creating a tropical feeling in our landscapes.

In the garden with Felder: Crape myrtles face a tough invader

Posted 7/27/2019 in Columns

Forget the snooty debates over "crape murder" pruning; it's a moot point now. We got a real problem.

In the garden with Felder: Talking the (tomato) talk

Posted 7/20/2019 in Columns

I got into a smackdown with an older, more experienced gardener over who grows the tastiest tomatoes. And I got owned. Totally owned.

In the garden with Felder: Sometimes hard pruning is the way to go

Posted 7/13/2019 in Columns

Whacking overgrown shrubs back hard, like changing diapers, needs doing occasionally and can be worrisome the first time. But it usually works out fine.

Southern Gardening: Heat-loving Rudbeckia offer big summer blooms

Posted 7/13/2019 in Columns

Summer has hit us with a vengeance this year.

In the garden with Felder: Herbs for the kitchen? Simple does it

Posted 7/6/2019 in Columns

At their most unpretentious, gardening, cooking and music have very simple things in common.

Southern Gardening: Old Southern classic crinum lilies remain a good selection

Posted 7/6/2019 in Columns

As my wife and I traveled around the Southeast last week visiting family and old friends, one stop was especially memorable.


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