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In the garden with Felder: Be kind to your garden: mulch

Posted 5/18/2019 in Columns

Pine straw or bark mulch? Not an exciting topic, but to hands-on gardeners and plants it can make a difference.

Southern Gardening: Vermillionaire blooms, attracts until first frost

Posted 5/18/2019 in Columns

Last week, I had the pleasure of being the kick-starter speaker for the Mississippi Master Gardener State Conference.

Southern Gardening: Lantana's summer bloom show is already underway

Posted 5/11/2019 in Columns

One group of landscape plants that is really starting to take off with its summer show is the lantana. These popular landscape plants are available in a dizzying variety of sizes and colors.

In the garden with Felder: Big rains flush out some whoppers

Posted 5/11/2019 in Columns

I'm setting up an epic battle in my garden between a small reptile and its normally-meek but now Frankensteinian prey.

Butter Together: Salsa is the solution. What was the question?

Posted 5/9/2019 in Columns

A few nights ago, Zack and I had to sit down with a planner to figure out how we were going to juggle an evening consisting of an open house at one child's school, course selection night at another child's school, a softball game, and a food delivery.

In the garden with Felder: Like to do your own thing? You may be a DIG'r

Posted 5/4/2019 in Columns

I often wonder about those folks who toil in their gardens alone with just their plants and thoughts. Such non-joiners, scattered worldwide, just a few in every community, love gardening more than they do hobnobbing with other people.

Southern Gardening: Salvia plants bring pollinators, color

Posted 5/4/2019 in Columns

Over the past couple of years, I've found myself joining home gardeners everywhere in planting more plants to attract pollinators.

In the garden with Felder: Gardening in good taste

Posted 4/27/2019 in Columns

It has been brought to my attention, in a well-meaning manner by a writer, that I am apparently not very big on vegetables because I don't write very much about them.

Southern Gardening: Choices allow gardeners to include roses at home

Posted 4/27/2019 in Columns

Last week, I really enjoyed sharing the story of the Peggy Martin rose and showing off this marvelous rose growing in my home landscape. I think Southern Gardening Nation liked the Peggy Martin story, as well, based on the positive response from the various social media outlets.

In the garden with Felder: It can be a pesty world out there

Posted 4/20/2019 in Columns

Got fire ants and slugs? I have found ways to handle them both, with a little attitude adjustment.

Southern Gardening: Peggy Martin rose thrives even without much care

Posted 4/20/2019 in Columns

This weekend I finally had a chance to sit back, take a breath and reflect a little. I've been on my annual spring horticulture marathon, and this year was the most hectic yet.

In the garden with Felder: Have garden will travel

Posted 4/13/2019 in Columns

I just started my summer garden by tucking some basil into what is literally the fastest garden on earth.

In the garden with Felder: Ever wondered about the garden version of 'what's your sign?'

Posted 4/6/2019 in Columns

Glad I didn't plant my tomatoes last week. That not-so-surprisingly late spate of "blackberry winter" happens nearly every year. Which brings me to a pet peeve.

Southern Gardening: Interest in home butterfly gardens is increasing

Posted 4/6/2019 in Columns

There's still plenty of time to plant some butterfly weed in your home garden and enjoy colorful Monarch butterflies as they visit this summer.

Southern Gardening: Available garden resources answer questions, give ideas

Posted 3/30/2019 in Columns

Thank goodness spring has arrived! After what seems to be an eternity, I finally had a chance to do some much-needed work in my landscape and garden.

In the garden with Felder: Don't get me wrong, I love azaleas. Really.

Posted 3/30/2019 in Columns

There are some interesting experiences worth having, but not often. Eating hot peppers and poking myself in the eye come to mind.

Southern Gardening: Try colorful, delicious heirloom tomatoes

Posted 3/23/2019 in Columns

Many folks have been waiting for this moment: the day it's warm enough and past the main threat of frost to become tomato planting time.

In the garden with Felder: Let vines be part of creative solutions

Posted 3/23/2019 in Columns

Landscape gardening sometimes involves hard decisions where no solution seems just right. But "between a rock and a hard place" dissonance can be resolved by going in an entirely different direction.

In the garden with Felder: The inner pleasure of the 'fifth essence'

Posted 3/16/2019 in Columns

In much of life, there's an oft-overlooked, almost soulful fifth sense that lifts the ordinary to the sublime.

Southern Gardening: Spring weather encourages lichen growth in landscapes

Posted 3/9/2019 in Columns

The seasons are playing tricks on us with cold temperatures following warm. I want to address a landscape issue that's generating quite a few questions.


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