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Southern Gardening: Gary answers frequent garden-related questions

Posted 12/15/2018 in Columns

The questions being emailed to me are literally filling up my inbox.

In the garden with Felder: Take time to savor the season

Posted 12/8/2018 in Columns

I appreciate all seasons, but the relaxed Mississippi autumn brings out a joyous if wistful rush in me.


Playing in the dirt: Protect the plants and 'feed' the tree

Posted 12/8/2018 in Columns

You may recall that I mentioned at this time last year that there are 400-plus varieties of holly. But would you believe it's hard to find some when you want some?


Southern Gardening: Select, care well for Christmas poinsettias

Posted 12/8/2018 in Columns

It's that time of year again for shopping, eating, delivery trucks and poinsettias. Yep -- it's the Christmas season.

Southern Gardening: Use Sorbet violas to add garden color until spring

Posted 12/1/2018 in Columns

Are you looking for cool-season color that's a sure thing -- a take-it-to-the-bank garden plant?

In the garden with Felder: Keep your landscape doable

Posted 12/1/2018 in Columns

Beauty and satisfaction aside, have you ever thought about your garden's "green footprint" -- its cost to you and your surroundings?

In the garden with Felder: Winterizing in the garden

Posted 11/24/2018 in Columns

Is everything in order in your garden? Wait -- my real question is, does your garden look any different this month than last?

In the garden with Felder: Rain, rain -- let's make good use of you

Posted 11/17/2018 in Columns

I love rain, to a point. Love how it cascades in rivulets from my back deck's corrugated tin top, how it refreshes the birds' baths.

Southern Gardening: Use Cool Wave pansies for lasting winter color

Posted 11/17/2018 in Columns

This past weekend, I started planting cool-season color in my 25-gallon citrus containers.

Playing in the dirt: November, a month for planning and even planting

Posted 11/11/2018 in Columns

Warm days, cool days, stormy days. Oh my! November has offered us a varied menu so far. But weather aside, November is a sort of stepchild among months, sandwiched between October and December --Halloween and Christmas -- arguably two of the best-loved holidays. But I refuse to ignore Thanksgiving.


Southern Gardening: Cool-season dianthus lasts through spring

Posted 11/10/2018 in Columns

I love the annual color we can grow all winter in most of our Mississippi gardens and landscapes, so I'm going to spend a few weeks concentrating on cool-season color. Dianthus is my first choice for fall color.


In the garden with Felder: Putting plants and people together

Posted 11/3/2018 in Columns

Some plants all but beg to be grown and shared. Spreading around the world and across all cultures and languages like a children's hand-held string game, they easily bring diverse people together with good cheer.

Southern Gardening: Citrus trees' harvest makes them worth growing

Posted 11/3/2018 in Columns

The fall and winter seasons mean it's time for colorful pansy, viola and dianthus. But the changing seasons also mean that home gardeners who grow citrus will soon harvest delicious fruit -- satsuma, kumquat, Meyer lemon, oh my!

In the garden with Felder: Show a little style in the garden

Posted 10/27/2018 in Columns

How does your garden stack up with artful accessories?

Southern Gardening: Rockin' salvias help fall gardens perform

Posted 10/27/2018 in Columns

Those of you who keep up with Southern Gardening know that I'm a real fan of salvias.

Southern Gardening: Gulf muhly grass makes showy fall contribution

Posted 10/20/2018 in Columns

The 40th Fall Flower and Garden Fest at the Mississippi State University Truck Crops Branch Station in Crystal Springs is behind us, and I have to say that it was one of the best I've ever attended.

In the garden with Felder: Welcome this cheerful sign of autumn

Posted 10/20/2018 in Columns

Last week I had a rush of deja vu when I saw the first flush of a special pink autumn flower that came to me through three generations of family gardeners.

Playing in the dirt: A change of season signals new to-do tips

Posted 10/13/2018 in Columns

October? Are you kidding me? Not with these temperatures. Oh wait -- just as I was losing all hope that fall would arrive, a slight cool snap was forecast.

In the garden with Felder: Bring on the sniffles -- but careful what you blame

Posted 10/13/2018 in Columns

Goldenrod is getting cranked up, and people are starting to sneeze ... but blaming the wrong culprits.

Southern Gardening: Fall mums make a big, pretty landscape splash

Posted 10/13/2018 in Columns

Finally, we're going to start enjoying some cooler weather, and just in time. I've wanted to start writing about the fantastic cool-season color, but I've had to wait until the summertime heat starts to cool.


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