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The timeline of events in the case of Mississippi State and the recruitment of Will Redmond



Matt Stevens


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - The Dispatch MSU Sports Blog finds it necessary to break down the timeline of events that happened, according to the NCAA Public Infractions Report released Friday, in the recruitment and NCAA investigation of Mississippi State University defensive back Will Redmond.  




Without further ado...... 




January 2011: Angelo Mirando is promoted from graduate assistant, who was filing in for departed position coach Mark Hudspeth after he took the head coaching position at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, to full-time wide receivers coach at Mississippi State.  




Spring of 2011: Mississippi State booster Robert Denton Herring, at this time a MSU football season-ticket holder, contacted Mirando about the status of then uncommitted prospect Will Redmond from Herring's hometown of Memphis. It was at that point Herring and Mirando became friends and when Herring realized MSU was in play for the recruitment of Redmond, a four-star defensive back from Memphis East High School.  




Summer of 2011: Robert Denton Herring made contact with Redmond and told the four-star prospect he was starting a recruiting website that never materialized. It would be revealed that Herring and Redmond exchanged 117 calls between June 2011 and February 2012.  




July 2011: Redmond told Denton Herring over the phone that he and his sister were going to take an unofficial visit to the MSU campus but didn't have a car to drive to Starkville. Denton Herring set Redmond up with a car dealer that provided him the use of an automobile for the trip. The car that was provided to Redmond broke down on his way to MSU and the car dealer used his credit card to rent a car for Redmond to complete the trip. Redmond never paid for the rental car.  




August 1, 2011: Will Redmond verbally commits to Mississippi State. It's around this time that Mirando first learned that Denton Herring had been having contact with Redmond but in Mirando's words of testimony said he "put blinders on" and did not pursue the matter at all.  




September 2011: First complimentary meal that Denton Herring sets up for De'Vinner at Anthony's Restaurant in West Point. A friend of Denton Herring later came and settled the bill for the meal.  




October 15, 2011: Redmond is at MSU for an unofficial visit for a MSU football game where he and Denton Herring meet at a "tailgate" gathering prior to the game, presumably in the Junction area by Davis Wade Stadium. Denton Herring gave $100 in cash to Redmond's 7-on-7 coach Byron De'Vinner, and saying to Redmond it was "gas money".  




December 2011: Denton Herring provided Redmond with a Visa gift card and then mailed Redmond a Mississippi State jacket valued at approximately $60. In that same month, prior to Redmond taking an official visit to the University of Georgia, Denton Herring told Redmond that if he did not take that visit he would pay the Memphis four-star prospect $6,000.  




Late Nov./Early Dec. 2011 - Mirando expresses concern to Denton Herring that Redmond is taking a visit to Georgia but Denton Herring tells me "we're fine, he's coming to Mississippi State". When Mirando asks Denton Herring what he means by that, Denton Herring says he had been in contact with Redmond. Mirando responds by saying he "did not want to know [any detail about the contacts]" and did not report the contacts to any MSU administration or compliance staff.  




January 6, 2012: Denton Herring, along with his friend from the automobile dealership, provided a car to the Redmond through an offer to Redmond's mother at a reduced price of approximately $2,000 below the value of the car. The car, a red Ford Mustang, was purchased by the friend of Dention Herring's uncle for $8,000 on Dec. 6, 2011. The initial buyer then transferred ownership of the vehicle to the dealership for $5,000 before Denton Herring's friend transferred it again to the Memphis dealership where Redmond's mother made the purchase for $3,450. The NCAA had the vehicle appraised and found it to be worth $5,500.  




Early Jan. 2012 - Byron De'Vinner, Redmond's 7-on-7 coach tells Mirando that Redmond received a Visa gift card and a jacket from Denton Herring. Mirando then asked about his mother's purchase of a the Ford Mustang after De'Vinner had concerns over the purchase. Mirando was assured by Redmond's mother that the purchase was a legit business deal. Mirando ignored the information about the gift card and a jacket.  




January 13-15, 2012: During Redmond's official visit weekend to MSU, Redmond met with Denton Herring again and gave him $100 on that meeting as well. During this weekend, Denton Herring made calls to De'Vinner because he was going to accompany Redmond on this official visit. Denton Herring offered to take care of lodging for De'Vinner where he found Denton Herring had taken care of both nights of his hotel stay.  




February 17, 2012: Will Redmond signs a National Letter-of-Intent to play football at Mississippi State.  




February 18-23, 2012: Redmond and his mother are interviewed by NCAA investigators.  




February 24, 2012: The NCAA enforcement staff requests phone records, email accounts and documents relating to the recruitment of Will Redmond.  




May 1, 2012: The NCAA interviews Byron De'Vinner.  




May 21, 2012: Mirando is interviewed by NCAA investigators and he repeatedly denies any knowledge of Denton Herring's telephonic and in-person contact with Redmond. This will go down as the first lie by Mirando to the NCAA.  




Early July 2012: The NCAA enforcement staff requested documents relating to Denton Herring's communication with Redmond. The NCAA requested these through Denton Herring's employer.  




July 11, 2012: The request by the NCAA enforcement staff is denied by Denton Herring's employer and this is seen by MSU as the first step toward Denton Herring not cooperating with the NCAA investigation.  




July 13, 2012: As a result of Denton Herring's lack of cooperation with the NCAA investigation, MSU sends Denton Herring a letter disassociating itself with him as a Bulldog Club member and season ticket holder of the program.  




July 19, 2012: In a letter to the NCAA enforcement staff, Denton Herring admits to sending Redmond a jacket as a birthday gift but denies providing any other items or benefits.  




August 8, 2012: Mirando is interviewed by NCAA investigators and he repeatedly denies any knowledge of Denton Herring's telephonic and in-person contact with Redmond. This will go down as the second lie by Mirando to the NCAA.  




August 19, 2012: Mirando resigns as wide receivers coach at MSU due to what he and the program call in a release "personal reasons". The resignation is effective immediately. Mirando's resignation comes 13 days before MSU will begin its 2012 season with a 6 p.m. kickoff against Jackson State on Sept. 1. 




August 23, 2012: Sources close to the situation have confirms to The Dispatch MSU Sports Blog the investigation, at least in part, involves an automobile purchased for MSU freshman defensive back Will Redmond. The Ford Mustang was purchased before Redmond signed with MSU this February from a used car dealership in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn. - http://www.cdispatch.com/msusports/article.asp?aid=18454 




Sept 12, 2012: De'Vinner, who coached Redmond in a summer program, went into detail about the improper benefits he encountered during Redmond's recruitment in a interview with Yahoo! Sports. De'Vinner went into details about arrangements for lodging and complementary meals in a Yahoo! Sports report. 








September 17, 2012: A month after Mirando resigned his position at the request of the institution, Mirando sent a letter to the NCAA enforcement staff admitting that he was aware of Denton Herring's telephonic contacts, one in-person contact and about the gift card and jacket.  




September 20, 2012: The NCAA enforcement staff interviews Mirando for a third time and according to the report, Mirando is much more forthcoming with information and truthful about the timeline of events.  




November 20, 2012: The NCAA enforcement staff issues a notice of allegations to MSU and Mirando.  




February 18, 2013: MSU and Mirando filed responses to the notice of allegations.  




February 27, 2013: A pre-hearing was conducted by the NCAA with MSU's legal team and Mirando's attorney, Jay Perry, present.  




April 19, 2013: Officials from Mississippi State University appeared before the NCAA Division 1 Committee on Infractions to address all of the allegations in the football program.  




June 12, 2013: The Mississippi State University football program received a loss of scholarships, a number of other recruiting violations from the NCAA Committee of Infractions Friday morning. 


The penalties toward come as a result of recruiting wrongdoings this past season involving cornerback Will Redmond. 


MSU will be on probation for two years, get a reduction of two scholarships from 85 to 83 this fall, a reduction of the number of official visits from 41 to 39 for two years and a reduction of the number of recruiting days during the spring evaluation period from 168 to 164. 


Mirando was given a one-year show cause ban from coaching at a NCAA institution for "unethical conduct for failing to report the booster's activities when he became aware of them and providing false information during his first two interviews with the NCAA." 


Redmond is required to pay $2,660 in impermissible benefits, forfeit his eligibility for the 2012 season and is suspended first five games of the 2013 season. Redmond is eligible to return to the active roster on Oct. 12 against Bowling Green. 




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