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10 days to football: My prediction for MSU's season





Every day from 99 days out (May 25) until kickoff, I'll put up a post telling you how many days until kickoff and breaking down something about the upcoming season related to that number.  


Today, since we are 10 days away from kickoff, we take a look at: I think Mississippi State is going to go 10-2. Here's why. 




Let's break this down this way: I am incredibly confident MSU will beat Stephen F. Austin, UL Lafayette, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech and Arkansas. I am pretty sure MSU will lose at Alabama. 


That leaves the following games: at Kansas State, at Kentucky, Florida, Auburn, at LSU, at Ole Miss. This is where you can call me out for taking the easy route if you want to, I can take it, but it's honestly what I think. 


I think MSU will lose one of those games, but I can't figure out which one. With the exception of being pretty tight with Auburn, in my opinion, I think MSU is better than all of those teams. But this is college football. Nothing goes smoothly. Alabama has the best team in the nation every single year and somehow they find a way to lose one game very single year. Ohio State and Clemson do the same thing. 


If forced to guess on which game MSU will lose, it would probably be either Auburn or at Ole Miss. But that's generally how I think this will go down: a loss to Alabama and a floating loss somewhere else in the schedule. 


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