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Bulldog Brunch: Kansas State




Tweet length review of the game 


If you didn't know about Kylin Hill before, you probably do now. And if this is your first exposure to Kylin HIll, you're seeing him on the way up. There is more to come. 




Stellar stats 


- MSU was nearly more explosive on the ground (9.8 yards per carry) than Kansas State was through the air (11.1 yards per completion). 


- MSU was credited with 11 quarterback hurries on 21 Kansas State pass attempts -- and that doesn't include four sacks. 


- MSU had more rushing first downs (18) than Kansas State had total first downs (15). MSU also got six first downs through the air for a total of 24. 




Obscure facts 


- Kansas State had the better average field position by 16 yards (Kansas State averaged starting on the 37 compared to MSU starting on the 21) yet MSU still made five red zone trips compared to one by the Wildcats. 


- On a similar note: Kansas State downed three punts inside the 20. MSU scored 10 points on those three possessions. 


- The tackle Johnathan Abram made when he was called for targeting and ejected from the game was his eighth, which was enough to make him the team leader in tackles. Abram made himself MSU's top tackler as he was being ejected from the game. 




What about this game will be remembered in January? 


This is the day Kylin Hill graduated from interchangeable part. In the past, he has been one cog in a machine, and those days seem to be over after this game. The days of Hill getting six carries per game are done. 




How Long Has It Been? 


Here's a list of things that have happened since MSU got its last Power 5 non-conference road win back in 1995. 


- The Southwest Conference disbanded and the Big 8 became the Big 12. 


- Bill Snyder has taken Kansas State to 19 bowl games. 


- Arkansas State has had seven head coaches. 


- Idaho has gone from FCS to FBS and back down to FCS; in total, something in the neighborhood of 25 teams have moved up to college football's highest level. 


- Scott Frost has transferred to Nebraska to finish his playing career, played six seasons in the NFL and worked his way up the coaching ranks to get back to Nebraska as the head coach. 




Quoting Joe Moorhead 


- "A great non-conference opponent against a quality opponent. We knew it was going to be a physical game, we knew it was going to be a challenge and we knew they weren't going to beat themselves. To walk out of here with our first Power 5 non-conference win (on the road) since 1995 is a huge accomplishment for this team." 


- On the offensive line: "We talk about creating horizontal and vertical movement at the line of scrimmage and I thought they did that." 




Quoting the Bulldogs 


- Kylin Hill on meeting solo defenders in open field: "It really depends on how a defender's coming at me. If they're coming at me, I have to bring it to them. I have to get the best of them." 


- Nick Fitzgerald on his ill-advised interception: "Dumb mistake. I'm better than that." 




Quoting Kansas State 


- Coach Bill Snyder: "I wasn't surprised by the blitzes, I was surprised at our reaction to them, which wasn't as productive. I haven't seen the tape, so there might be something out there that I hadn't seen, but based on what I did see, they were identical to what we had seen. We didn't know they were coming all the time, but we knew most of them were coming. I thought we had executed very well during the course of the week, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, against the blitzes, but it didn't happen that often today." 


- Defensive end Wyatt Hubert: "It was definitely the quarterback draw, we just couldn't stop the run. They were running it on second- and third-down and we were anticipating the pass too much. We just weren't disciplined on our zone reads." 


- Hubert: "I think the secondary played great, we just have to get more pressure on the quarterback." 




Game Leaders 


Top 3 rushers: Kylin Hill 17-211 2 TD, Nick Fitzgerald 19-159, Alex Barnes (KSU) 17-75. 


Top 3 receivers: Stephen Guidry 2-47, Justin Johnson 2-37, Dalton Schoen (KSU) 2-34. 


Top 3 defenders: Johnathan Abram 8 tackles; Erroll Thompson 7 tackles, 1 sack and an interception; Kansas State had two defenders, Kendall Adams and Walter Neil Jr. with 6 tackles each. 




Next Up 


MSU hosts UL Lafayette at 6:30 p.m. on SEC Network Alternate. 


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