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John Dorroh



Not so many years ago I would often celebrate the end of a work day at West Point High School by enjoying an early dinner at "It''s Greek to Me," which was located about 200 yards from the "back gates" of Columbus Air Force Base. I would drive a few miles out of the way to the non-descript strip mall where "It''s Greek to Me" did a nice business for more years than I can remember. 


It all started with baklava. Not the meal, but my proclivity for Greek food. The taste of those honey-saturated layers of phyllo dough, walnuts, butter and brown sugar was enough to make anyone curious about what else Athenians might be packing for lunch and dinner. 


Later, "It''s Greek to Me" moved to East Columbus, and then sadly, it passed away into restaurant heaven. But it was resurrected soon after that.  


In its absence I missed my lamb gyros and my moussaka. (At least I THINK I ate moussaka there.) And souvlaki, too, a meaty dish with pork bits, which had been soaked in a lemony marinade. 


On April 13, Alex Beeman, bought the restaurant along with its menu rights from the previous owner, and he is currently open six days a week. 


"My sister was working there, and we had talked about opening a restaurant together someday," Beeman said. 


Before becoming a restaurateur, Beeman was into professional aeronautical aviation for some time. It may seem like an illogical flow for an engineer, but it works for Beeman. 


To those of you who liked the original "It''s Greek to Me," let this serve as your notice: It''s back. This time it''s just "Greek to Me," and it''s located at 4226 Highway 373 near the CAFB "back gate." 


"Greek to Me" is open Monday through Saturday for lunch from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and for dinner from 5 p.m.-8 p.m.  


They have American favorites as well, including Philly steak-and-cheese, hamburgers, pork chop dinners and a variety of sandwiches. There are spinach pies, salads and other delectables to please most palates. The prices are easy to digest as well. 



John Dorroh is a semi-retired high school science teacher, who writes a business column for The Dispatch.



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