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Building permits 11-1-18


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


Oct. 24-30, 2018 


■ Columbus & Clotye Jones; 2401 5th St. N.; Sign Permit; Same 


■ P & D Builders, Inc.; 514-524 11th St. N.; Remodel; Same 


■ J. David Sullivan; 2001 Hidden Valley Dr.; Rebuild porch and supports; Byrum Construction 


■ Ray Boltwood; 171 Moore's Creek Road; Erect outdoor stage; Same 


■ Possum Town Properties; 803 6th Ave. N.; Demolish dwelling; Nichols Construction 


■ George Elsberry; 1605 Seminole Road; Replace one-car carport; Same 


■ Thomas & Deborah Neal; 202 McHall Dr.; Electrical Permit; Mike Nickoles 


■ Deblin Hayes; 620 Waterworks Road; Electrical Permit; Jimmy Chism 


■ Bud Phillips; 3491 Bluecutt Road, Ste. 1; Electrical Permit; Gordon Via 


■ Swoope Realty; 709 18th Ave. N.; Electrical Permit; Gordon Via 


■ Thomas & Deborah Neal; 202 McHall Dr.; HVAC inspection; Jonathan Hutchins 


■ Columbus Housing Authority; 805 William Washington Trace; HVAC inspection; Mannie Brown 


■ Carl Jones; 1713 8th Ave. N.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ McCarty Realty; 1220 11th Ave. S.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Edward Dunlap; 123 Woolbright St.; Gas inspection; Jeff Swedenburg 


■ Gloria Jones; 825 8th St. S.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Christopher Butler; 805 Military Road; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Elliott Trimuel; 823 Railroad St.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Mark Bledsoe; 816 Fallwood Dr.; Gas inspection; Scott Rushing 


■ 13th St. Apartments, LLC; 815 13th St. N., Apt. E5; Gas inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Ann Bittle; 621 Hemlock St.; Gas inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Bill Haywood; 418 10th St. N.; Gas inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Melvin & Regina Redmond; 405 10th St. N.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Lucketa M. Griffin; 1606 Bell Ave.; Gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Doris McSwine; 418 9th Ave. S.; Sewer inspection; John Caddis




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