Building permits for 3-21-19


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


March 11-14, 2019 


■ BellSouth Telecommunications, LLC; Old Aberdeen Road (South end of Leigh Mall); Bore fiber-optic cables; AT&T MS 


■ Walmart; 1913 Hwy. 45 N.; Online grocery pick-up area; Powerhouse Retail Services 


■ Golden Triangle Investment Co.; 1906 N. Roberson St.; Remodel; Norman Jamison 


■ Deborah Capers Harden;n 822 Railroad St.; Remodel and reroof; William Jones 


■ Ted Dahlem; 419 Wynhurst Ct.; Reroof; Jacob Crawley 


■ Rufus Harris Jr.; 1831 10th Ave. N.; Repair floors, cabinets, new roof; Expansions, LLC 


■ Little C Properties, LLC; 57 Laurel Dr.; New single-family dwelling; Chris Clardy 


■ Paul Reeves; 1204 2nd Ave. N.; Electrical; Gordon Via 


■ Swoope Real Estate; 1026 Shady St.; Electrical (storm damage); Gordon Via 


■ Swoope Real Estate; 812 21st St. N.; Electrical (storm damage); Gordon Via 


■ Marcell Pilate; 216 15th St. N.; Electrical (storm damage); Joseph Harris 


■ Brooks Properties; 3020 14th Ave. N.; Electrical (storm damage); George Beavers 


■ Riverhill Property Management; 320 Florence St.; Electrical; George Beavers 


■ Earnestine Taylor; 1812 Short Main St.; Electrical; Jimmy Chism 


■ Irnell Jones; 916B 7th St. S.; Electrical; Same 


■ Wade Wilson; 1017 Shady St.; Electrical (storm damage); Vertis Lee 


■ Phillip Washington; 1014 Moss St.; Electrical (storm damage); ; Paul Guerry 


■ Yvonne Stalling; 1224 Moss St.; Electrical (storm damage); Jimmy Chism 


■ Robertson Ceco Corporation II; 1211 Hwy. 45 N., Ste. 2; Electrical; Doug Hutcherson 


■ Essie M. Cohen; 1015 Moss St.; Electrical; Joseph Harris 


■ Swoope Real Estate; 1531 6th Ave. S., Apt. 5; Electrical; Gordon Via 


■ Ben Shelton; 2914 14th Ave. N.; Electrical; Gordon Via 


■ Rod Bobo; 422 Springdale Dr.; Electrical (storm damage); Joseph Harris 


■ Sinter Sherrod; 702 Hemlock St.; Electrical; Jimmy Chism 


■ Little C Properties, LLC; 57 Laurel Dr.; Electrical; Todd Ables 


■ Terry Clanton; 1018 3rd Ave. N.; Electrical (storm damage); Mark Thompson 


■ Brickyard Properties; 156 Brickerton St.; Plumbing; David Truesdale 


■ David Owen; 420 3rd St. S.; Plumbing; Randy Dobbs 


■ Michael & Rena Virgil; 1607 Gardner Blvd.; Plumbing; Leon Tabor 


■ Beverly Jones; 97 Azalea Dr.; Plumbing; Leon Tabor 




Lowndes County 


March 20, 2019 


■ Dollar General; 1928 Lake Lowndes Road; Construct commercial building; Fulcrum Construction, LLC 


■ Empire Truck Sales; 4679 S. Frontage Road; Construct sign; Munn Enterprises, Inc. 


■ Gary Coleman; 124 Mayfield Dr.; Construct s/f residence; Owner 


■ Randall Hill; 3364 Tabernacle Road; Set up mobile home; Owner 


■ Randall Hill; 3364 Tabernacle Road; Move mobile home; Alan's Mobile Home 


■ William Hunter Thomas; Cheryl Drive; Construct s/f residence; Owner




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