Lowndes County Marriages and Divorces July 2020






Brett Glaze and Cassandra Morlet; July 2


Chancie Phillips and Romia Smith; July 3



Brent Potter and Tabitha Hines; July 3


Russell Pool and Melenda Pool; July 4


James McAnally and Lisa Young; July 4


Wesley Jacobson and Michaela Austin; July 4


Dennis Martin and Sarah Wells; July 4


Jeffery Burnett and Monica Hakun; July 6


Matthew Eller and Anastasia Hanrahan; July 7


James Harmon and Tifanne Landry; July 7


Stanley Erby and Tamekia Lavender; July 9


Robert Taylor and Coral Rangel; July 9


Matthew Thomas and Mary Lindley; July 10


Tristan Mitchell and Carrie Logan; July 11


Justin Cline and Dominque Murray; July 11


Nathan Amaral and Chanelle Oosthuizen; July 14


Robert Quinn and Cherrie Criss; July 17


Kenneth Underwood and Kayla Wilson; July 17


Brian Lowe and Jennifer Porter; July 18


Dalton Rhodes and Rachel Reed; July 18


Shawn Gates and Julie Lowery; July 18


Nathan Rush and Erica Davis; July 21


Cody Thomas and Jessica Elofskey; July 23


Glendon Bontrager and Sherita Rice; July 25


James Speights and Alyssa Alkuino; July 25


Matthew Fanelli and Elizabeth Schroeder; July 25


James Shields and Katherine Waters; July 25


Robert Cooper and Rebecca Braswell; July 26


Adolphus Brooks and Anna Franks; July 27


Kunta Gordon and Natavia Bankhead; July 27


Melvin Summerville and Kelly Beard; July 28


Ryne Miller and Courtney Wade; July 29


Rashad Jones and Tiyana Jones; July 31


Vincent Murphy and Erika Crespo; July 31


Walter Griffith and tiffany Johnson; July 31


Dvon Cordero and Kelsey Lucerino; July 31


De'Vagus Jenkins and Tieara Young; July 31





Darrell Brooks and Jennifer M. Brooks; July 1


Katetra Clark and Wardetrous Clark; July 1


Tiffinie Brown Johnson and Ronald James Johnson; July 6


Michell Ivey Brackin and Timothy Allen Brackin; July 8


Samantha N. Westbrook and Reco D. Johnson; July 8


Lindsey P. Marsh and Jeremy T. Marsh; July 8


Robert Wilson, Jr and Kanesha Nicole Hood Wilson; July 7


Terrika Prude Williams and Willie James Williams; July 6


Leah Megan Clark and Joseph Allen Clark; July 6


Kyle Linton and Brittney Edmondson; July 6


Michael Dewayne Swindle et al; July 16


Jennifer Gilbert and John Gilbert; July 15


Farron Lee Wheat and Austin Allen Wheat; July 15


Warren David Edwards and Leila Nicole Edwards; July 16


Senagar Orr and Alisha Lache Simmons; July 16


Jason Clark and Victoria Cox Clark; July 14


A C Caldwell, Jr and Dorothy Hardy; July 16


Joseph Ray Hudson and Kristin Michelle Hudson; July 16


Patrick O Jones and Aimee Jones; July 14


James Victor Jordon and Tonnie Michelle Jordan; July 13


Breannica Sanders and Roshawn Rice; July 23


Margaret B. Pearson and Michael C. Pearson; July 23


Kimberly Colette Haynes and Quinton Lance Belk; July 23





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