Clay supes OK $50 hazard pay for pollworkers in special election


Garrick Hodge



WEST POINT -- The Clay County Board of Supervisors on Thursday unanimously approved providing an extra $50 in hazard pay to each poll worker working the upcoming special election on Sept. 22 for the vacant Mississippi House of Representatives seat in District 37.


Eight of West Point's 14 precincts are eligible to vote in the election.


"It doesn't matter how many people vote, we still have to run the polls regardless," said Clay County District 5 Election Commissioner Mae Brewer, who spoke to the board before the measure was passed.



Brewer said poll workers are already scheduled to receive $50 in hazard pay in the Nov. 3 election due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but that will be provided through Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act funding. CARES funding was not available for the September election, Brewer said, thus why she asked the county to foot the bill.


It is unclear how many poll workers will be available for the September election.


"We are having some problems getting poll workers," Brewer said. "A lot of them are older. ... I've made 10 to 15 calls in South West Point and only two have agreed to work so far. When we're calling them, they're asking us about (potential hazard pay).


"I don't think them asking to get an extra $50 for that day is too much," he added.





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