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Voters weary of more investigations as impeachment ramps up

Posted earlier today in National

As Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump intensifies, Mark Stenske feels like he's seen this movie before, and the storyline is getting old.



Biden, Warren, Sanders face scrutiny at Democratic debate

Posted earlier today in National

Joe Biden is facing baseless -- but persistent -- allegations of wrongdoing overseas that could undermine his argument that he's best positioned to defeat the president. Bernie Sanders is recovering from a heart attack that raised questions about his ability to withstand the vigor of a presidential campaign. And Elizabeth Warren is fending off new scrutiny of her biography.



Fort Worth officer released on bond after murder charge

Posted earlier today in National

A white former Fort Worth police officer charged with murder after shooting a black woman through a window of her home has been released on bond, and the department told a grieving community that investigators would ensure "no stone is left unturned" in the search for answers.



Health tips from Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen for 10-15-19

Posted earlier today in National



Farrow details lack of enthusiasm at NBC for Weinstein story

Posted earlier today in National

In reporter Ronan Farrow's account of his contentious divorce from NBC News, the more evidence he gathered on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct, the less enthusiastic his bosses seemed to be.



AP source: Former Trump adviser opposed ambassador's firing

Posted earlier today in National

Fiona Hill, a former White House adviser on Russia, told House impeachment investigators behind closed doors that she had strongly and repeatedly objected to the ouster earlier this year of former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, according to a person familiar with the testimony.



Census Bureau seeks state data, including citizenship info

Posted earlier today in National

The U.S. Census Bureau is asking states for drivers' license records that typically include citizenship data and has made a new request for information on recipients of government assistance, alarming some civil rights advocates.



Esper: US is not abandoning Kurds in face of Turkish attack

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

Top Pentagon officials on Friday denied the U.S. is abandoning its Syrian Kurdish allies in the face of a Turkish military offensive, although the future of a counterterrorism partnership with the Kurds was in grave doubt.



Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

As the threat of impeachment looms, President Donald Trump is digging in and taking solace in the base that helped him get elected: conservative evangelical Christians who laud his commitment to enacting their agenda.



Pregnancy discrimination continues, 41 years after US ban

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

For 41 years, federal law has banned pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. But the stories tumbling out this week show it's far from eradicated.



Shepard Smith leaves Fox News Channel

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

Shepard Smith, whose newscast on Fox News Channel seemed increasingly an outlier on a network dominated by supporters of President Donald Trump, abruptly quit after signing off his final newscast on Friday.



McAleenan, acting Homeland Security secretary, stepping down

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

Kevin McAleenan, a career civil servant who became the unlikely point man for President Donald Trump's hardline immigration policies, is stepping down as acting Homeland Security secretary after six months on the job.



Appeals court rules House should get Trump financial records

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that President Donald Trump's financial records must be turned over to the House of Representatives.



After static summer, Democratic race enters a chaotic fall

Posted 10/12/2019 in National

A Democratic presidential race that had been largely static through the summer has tumbled into a chaotic fall, shaped by unpredictable events and the deepening impeachment crisis surrounding President Donald Trump.



Retiree checks to rise modestly amid push to expand benefits

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

Millions of retirees will get a modest 1.6 percent cost-of-living increase from Social Security in 2020, an uptick with potential political consequences in an election year when Democrats are pushing more generous inflation protection.



Blue Bell recalls ice cream that may contain plastic bits

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says Blue Bell Creameries is recalling a batch of ice cream made at an Alabama plant over concerns it may contain pieces of plastic.



Trump attacks Biden, slams impeachment probe at Minn. rally

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

President Donald Trump was defiant in the face of an impeachment probe as he sought to convert the threat to his presidency into a weapon on the campaign trail, with biting and unsupported attacks on potential Democratic challenger Joe Biden.



Florida men tied to Giuliani, Ukraine probe arrested

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

Two Florida businessmen tied to President Donald Trump's lawyer and the Ukraine impeachment investigation were charged Thursday with federal campaign finance violations.



UAW letter to GM indicates that strike won't end quickly

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra has stepped into contract talks with striking auto workers, asking the union to wrap up outstanding issues and respond to a company offer made this week.



As Trump abandons Kurds, Israel worries how dependable he is

Posted 10/11/2019 in National

For the past three years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has bet heavily on President Donald Trump and been rewarded with major diplomatic gains in exchange for his warm embrace of the U.S. leader.



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