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N.C. governor's lawsuit against feds may shift narrative on LGBT law

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

After weeks of taking a beating from critics over North Carolina's law dictating which restrooms transgender people can use, Gov. Pat McCrory adopted a strategy long favored by Southern conservative governors: He went after the federal government.



Morley Safer, who helped create CBS News, dead at 84

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

Viewers didn't need to see Morley Safer's reporting to feel its effects.



New poll shows strong support for paid family leave programs

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

Time off from work to care for a child or relative is codified in federal law. Now, an overwhelming majority of Americans 40 and older want that time away from the job to be paid.



Oklahoma lawmakers OK bill criminalizing performing abortion

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

Oklahoma lawmakers have moved to effectively ban abortion in their state by making it a felony for doctors to perform the procedure, an effort the bill's sponsor said Thursday is aimed at ultimately overturning the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide.



ACLU seeks federal intervention on Tennessee restroom rule

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

The Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday asked the federal government to intervene over a school district's policy prohibiting transgender students from using restrooms corresponding to their gender identity.



Colorado verdict likely deters strict security at the movies

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

A verdict saying a Colorado movie theater could not have safeguarded against a shooting that left 12 people dead likely prevented a major shift in how people go to the movies by keeping the onus on the killer, rather than the public venue he chose to attack.



Senate vote sets up tricky talks ahead on anti-Zika bills

Posted 5/20/2016 in National

The Senate on Thursday approved its $1.1 billion plan to combat the Zika virus, setting the stage for difficult negotiations with House Republicans over how much money to devote to fighting the virus and whether to cut Ebola funding to help pay for it.



House GOP chairman introduces resolution to censure IRS head

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

A top House Republican introduced an election-year resolution Wednesday censuring the IRS chief, marking the latest step in the GOP's war against the agency over its treatment of conservative organizations.



Trump uses the word 'rape' when discussing Bill Clinton

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used the word "rape" on Wednesday when discussing past allegations of sexual misconduct involving former President Bill Clinton, further escalating his rhetoric on the subject.



Trump unveils list of potential picks for Supreme Court seat

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday released a list of 11 potential picks to replace Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, a mix of federal and state judges that appeared tailored to win over conservatives still skeptical of his candidacy.



Trump eggs on struggling Sanders' war against Democrats

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

Bernie Sanders is winning sympathy from an unlikely ally: Donald Trump.



In lieu of flowers: Families reveal political hopes in obits

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

In a heated election season filled with seemingly endless political bickering, some among the dearly departed are getting the last word, leaving behind their requests for voters this fall.



US intelligence: Foreign hackers spying on campaigns

Posted 5/19/2016 in National

The United States sees evidence of hackers, possibly working for foreign governments, snooping on the presidential candidates, the nation's intelligence chief said Wednesday.



GOP blocks provision to require women to register for draft

Posted 5/18/2016 in National

Buckling under conservative pressure, House Republicans pulled a legislative sleight of hand Tuesday and stripped a provision from the annual defense policy bill that would have required young women to sign up for a military draft.



Copperhead snake bites customer at N.C. Lowe's

Posted 5/18/2016 in National

A poisonous snake in a tree has bitten a customer at a home improvement store in North Carolina.



Report: Genetically altered food safe but not curing hunger

Posted 5/18/2016 in National

Genetically manipulated food remains generally safe for humans and the environment, a high-powered science advisory board declared in a report Tuesday.



Senate approves Sept. 11 legislation despite Saudi threats

Posted 5/18/2016 in National

The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would allow families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, rejecting the fierce objections of a U.S. ally and setting Congress on a collision course with the Obama administration.



House to vote on scaled-back Zika bill despite veto threat

Posted 5/18/2016 in National

Republicans controlling the House are ignoring protests from Democrats and a White House veto threat as they speed legislation funding the battle against the Zika virus to a vote.



Hillary Clinton and the 2-for-1 presidency

Posted 5/17/2016 in National

The notion of a 2-for-1 Clinton presidency is back.



On more than one issue, GOP's Trump sounds like a Democrat

Posted 5/17/2016 in National

As he tries to charm Republicans still skeptical of his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump has a challenge: On several key issues, he sounds an awful lot like a Democrat.



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