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House to vote on defense bill that Obama threatens to veto

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

The defense policy bill is one of the few bipartisan measures in Congress that has readily become law for more than a half-century.


Democrats: McCarthy comments on Clinton are shameful

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

Democrats criticized House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Wednesday after he suggested that the House's Benghazi investigation committee can take credit for Hillary Rodham Clinton's diminished public standing.


No shutdown: Congress approves bill to keep government open

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

Just hours before a midnight deadline, a bitterly divided Congress approved a stopgap spending bill Wednesday to keep the federal government open -- but with no assurance there won't be yet another shutdown showdown in December.



Default rate for repaying student loans drops

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

The Education Department says there's been another drop in the percentage of people who are defaulting on their student loans in the first years of repayment.



Prosecutors decline to charge Caitlyn Jenner in fatal crash

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

Prosecutors declined to charge Caitlyn Jenner on Wednesday in a California car crash that killed another driver, citing insufficient evidence to support a case.



Hurricane Joaquin gains force near Bahamas, heads toward US

Posted 10/1/2015 in National

Hurricane Joaquin grew into a category 3 storm late Wednesday as it approached the central islands of the Bahamas on a projected track that would take it near the U.S. East Coast by the weekend.



Clerk jailed over gay marriage says pope encouraged her

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

A Kentucky clerk who went to jail for defying a federal court's orders to issue same-sex marriage licenses says she met briefly with the pope during his historic visit to the United States.



House, Senate to send Obama temporary spending bill

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

A temporary funding measure that would keep the government open past a midnight deadline should make its way to President Barack Obama today with time to spare.


Facing Congress, Planned Parenthood chief rebuts videos

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

The head of Planned Parenthood defended the women's health organization Tuesday before a Republican-run Congress bent on slashing its federal funding, telling lawmakers that accusations against her group fed by stealthily recorded videos are "offensive and categorically untrue."


GOP field: Tax cuts for all, don't worry about consequences

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

Republicans came into this presidential campaign with painful memories of how, in the last one, Democrats blasted Mitt Romney's tax plan as a giveaway to the rich.



Military favors keeping troops in Afghanistan past 2016

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

In a potential major shift in policy, U.S. military commanders want to keep at least a few thousand American troops in Afghanistan beyond 2016.



South Dakota tribe to open nation's 1st pot resort

Posted 9/30/2015 in National

The Santee Sioux tribe has already proven its business acumen, running a successful casino, a 120-room hotel and a 240-head buffalo ranch on the plains of South Dakota.



Big Senate vote propels stopgap spending bill

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

The Senate is set to pass a spending bill to prevent the government from shutting down this week over the opposition of the most conservative Republicans in the chamber.


Worker who helped 2 killers escape gets up to 7 years

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

A sobbing former prison worker who helped two murderers escape from a maximum-security lockup said she regretted her "horrible mistake" as she was sentenced Monday to up to seven years behind bars as part of a plea deal.

Senate GOP leader seems safe for now after Boehner departure

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

Try as they may, there's no sign that conservatives chirping over the departure of House Speaker John Boehner will be able to claim Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as their next pelt.


Ex-House Speaker Hastert lawyers talking plea deal

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

A possible plea agreement is being negotiated in the hush-money case of former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert.


Bush: US should open overseas markets to US oil, gas

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says ending the ban on U.S. oil exports and easing restrictions on natural gas exports will unleash the nation's economy.

Trump proposes tax cuts for all

Posted 9/29/2015 in National

After weeks of vowing to raise taxes on "hedge fund guys" and high-income earners, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump unveiled a tax plan Monday that would cut rates across the board and reduce the amount paid by wealthiest Americans and corporations into the U.S. Treasury.


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