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Ryan's role: Defending Romney and slamming Obama

Posted 8/30/2012 in National

With a no-nonsense tone, Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan embraced his role as Barack Obama's top agitator -- and Mitt Romney's chief defender

Isaac causing flooding across Coast

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

The sun rose over the Mississippi Gulf Coast on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to flooded and deserted streets and sporadic power outages.


Project aims to improve hospital safety with family engagement

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

Head of the hospital bed raised? Check. Patient's teeth brushed? Check. Those simple but often overlooked steps can help protect some of the most critically ill patients -- those on ventilators -- from developing deadly pneumonia. And if they knew about them, family members could ensure the steps weren't forgotten.


Book raises questions about bin Laden's death

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

A firsthand account of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden contradicts previous accounts by administration officials, raising questions as to whether the terror mastermind presented a clear threat when SEALs first fired upon him.

In New York City, identifying the dead, and finding closure

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

On a wind-swept island off New York City, the remains of 850,000 people rest in pine boxes in a grid of covered trenches -- but many are not resting in peace.


Flight attendant's career landing in Guinness book

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

A flight attendant is landing in the Guinness World Records book after spending 63 years moving about the cabin.


Romney nominated; wife Ann convention star speaker

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney swept to the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night, praised lovingly by his wife from their national convention stage as the "man America needs" and cheered by delegates eager to propel him into the fall campaign against President Barack Obama.

With choreographed conventions, is something lost?

Posted 8/29/2012 in National

As Chris Christie's moment at the microphone neared, delegates to the Republican National Convention were atwitter at the chance to hear the New Jersey governor speak. After all, who knew what might happen? "He doesn't seem to have a filter," said David Shimkin, a delegate from New York.

Up in smoke: Teen pot use linked to later declines in IQ

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Teens who routinely smoke marijuana risk a long-term drop in their IQ, a new study suggests.

Ann Romney, Christie on deck at GOP convention

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Republicans are eager to showcase Mitt Romney as a man who understands everyday Americans and a leader who can fix the economy, with GOP National Convention speeches Tuesday by the woman who knows him best and tough-talking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. But with New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast waiting fearfully to see where a massive storm makes landfall, politics has become an awkward enterprise and no one knows what sort of party the GOP gathering will turn out to be.

Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new rules

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Rep. Ron Paul's delegates are trying to mount a floor fight over new GOP rules designed to limit the ability of insurgent presidential candidates to amass delegates to future Republican conventions.

Democrats urge immediate repair of Capitol Dome

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Democrats controlling the Senate pressed Monday for an immediate infusion of money to repair the iconic dome of the U.S. Capitol, which has fallen into disrepair and has at least 1,300 cracks in it.

New Orleans' post-Katrina gentrification is touchy

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

With Isaac bearing down on New Orleans, the city finds itself at a delicate moment in its rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina struck seven years ago.


Networks prepare to juggle politics, weather

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Television networks began juggling two major stories on Monday, still wondering whether Tropical Storm Isaac will cause them to divert a large amount of attention from the Republican National Convention in Tampa.



Drought-stricken states welcome rain from Isaac

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

The remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac could bring welcome rain to some states in the Midwest this week, although it is unlikely to break the drought that has been gripping the region.



Forecasters: Isaac on verge of becoming hurricane

Posted 8/28/2012 in National

Isaac was on the verge of ballooning into a hurricane today that could flood the coasts of four states with storm surge and heavy rains on its way to New Orleans, where residents hunkered down behind levies fortified after Katrina struck seven years ago this week.



All eyes on Isaac as GOP convention approaches

Posted 8/27/2012 in National

Mitt Romney's Republican National Convention sputters to life with the lonely banging of a gavel in a mostly empty hall, hardly the opening splash intended for the nation. With a sprawling and strengthening storm bearing down on the region, the party hastily rewrote the convention script to present the extravaganza's prime rituals and headline speakers later in the week -- Tropical Storm Isaac willing.



Isaac aims at north Gulf Coast after raking Fla.

Posted 8/27/2012 in National

Tropical Storm Isaac rolled over the open Gulf of Mexico on Monday, where it was expected to grow into a hurricane before hitting land somewhere between Louisiana and Florida and close to the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.


Smart meter movement stirs rowdy debate in Texas

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Thelma Taormina keeps a pistol at her Houston-area home to protect against intruders. But one of the last times she used it, she said, was to run off a persistent utility company worker who was trying to replace her old electricity meter with a new digital unit.


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