Response to Robert White’s letter


Clark Williams



Thanks for your great paper. It is the only paper I buy, for you allow all viewpoints to any issue.  


Robert White (With regards to your letter of liberal drivel about he Obama inauguration) Man, what planet did you step off of? There was some really weird ideas in your letter. You wrote of: 


1. The dawning of "A New Age" of peace, love, harmony, respect. 


2. Two million people with a sparkle in their eye and love flowing from their hearts. Actually what I saw was mass hysteria and hero worship of the entrance on the scene of our new Indonesian Hitler.  


In your letter you spoke of the "Christ consciousness descending like a dove." My Bible (not the Quran) says in John 1:35 that the spirit of God descended like a dove-in Jesus (not in Barack Hussein Obama). On the other hand, you are not alone in thinking that the new president is a special man for millions of others will agree with you. All in all, our new Muslim president has been referred to as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lewis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam. 


3. Also, in your letter you state that after the dove of Christ descended that "Much light, unfathomable light came to this man" and he is shedding that light for all (1) to see (2) to have hope (3) to be lifted up (4) to hear the trumpet sound.  


Readers, does that sound familiar? Of course it does. That came directly from the Bible. For as we have been taught as little children, Jesus Christ, (our precious savior) is the light of the world and our hope is in Him. 


Mr. White, in closing you invite us to join you and "billions and legions of spirit friends." Thanks, but no thanks. I, and the over 48.5 million people that were not deceived and did not vote for this "new Messiah" say that we will not bend our knees to Allah or to His new man in the White House. So, Mr. White, that is my answer to your letter. If you, Oprah, Montel, McCain, and the liberals in Hollywood and college professors are offended by this, that is just tough, get over it. 


Clark Williams 


West Point



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