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Many people are quick to criticize our Lowndes County Sheriff''s Dept. and the 911 crew when they mess up, but not too many give them praise. I would love to do that. I don''t know who does the hiring for the department, but the man knows people. 


I am associated with several of the officers on the LCSD and taught some of them in school. They are some of the finest young people around and do a good job every day. The two I am most aquatinted with is Officer Prescott and Officer Greggs. Officer Greggs is my next-door neighbor and no finer neighbor exists and the other is Officer Prescott, who is often at our school doing regular presence patrol and making himself available. He does an outstanding job. 


Yesterday my next door neighbors 3-year-old daughter wandered off. Her mother is a good mother and had placed the young girl down for a nap and commenced to read a story to her other brothers and sister on the front porch. The child awoke and couldn''t find her mother, so she put her boots on and walked out the back door and down a trail, behind my place, that they normally walk as a family through the woods. 


In her child-like mind, she thought her mother and siblings had gone on a walk without her and proceeded to find them. She ended up almost a mile away at another LCSD deputy in the Shiloh subdivision. After we had searched frantically for awhile, the father requested I call 911. I did and they put out an APB. 


She was found in a very short time. As soon as I called 911, Officers Greggs and Officer Prescott were dispatched to the scene and even gave me a call ahead of their arrival and informed me that the child had been found and they would pick up the parent and take them to the child for pickup. The parents were overwhelmed with relief and thanks to the good Lord she had been found. The 911 people even called me back two times to ensure the child had been found. 


People of Lowndes County when you see and officer or know a person from 911, be sure to look them in eye and shake their hand and tell them what a good job they are doing. 


If this ever happens to you, call 911 and let them alert the fine men/women of LCSD. I promise they will do a good job and be courteous when they do it. Thanks men/women of LCSD. You each deserve the honor of Lowndes County citizens. 


Danny Browning 






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