A religion unto itself




Man yea, those boys came back relaxed, refreshed, and alert. Fourteen days without pay is enough punishment. That old field will grow back. Maybe they can invite that state park ranger up here to drive through one of our fields.  


I grew up around cops; my family is loaded with them. I can hear my now deceased grandmother giggling in her grave over that one. To me, law enforcement is a religion in its own right. They think different from other people. There were a lot of weekends -- when the normal people were in church -- my uncles and cousins were grilling out in the backyard discussing an ongoing case.  


It is stressful trying to live up to society''s hopes and expectations and put your life on the line for a cheesy salary.  


Maybe we should start sending a few more officers out of town for a week to give them a break from the stress. I would also like to thank our new chief for the great PR work he has been doing. Let''s hope he doesn''t run for public office, ''cause he''s liable to win. He sure can talk up a crowd. We got it good here in Columbus.  


Ross Ford 






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