Soccer complex should be city priority




It is our understanding that the old Cash Distributing building is being considered for conversion into a basketball gym for our local youth. If the city commits to that, it is very evident that the sportsplex will be postponed once again and our many soccer children will have to wait for a suitable set-up for soccer competitions. Our current soccer fields are not suitable for hosting a competitive event. Our fields are not level, hold water, etc. 


We would like to suggest that the city council consider the revenue that a new soccer complex could generate for Columbus.  


Soccer competitions bring in children and their parents/family for usually a two-day competition from varying parts of the state. These families would spend the night here, eat here, and shop here. When you realize that you have at least four local teams playing three to five other teams can earn revenue in the neighborhood of at least $70,000 per competition. 


With the usual three to four soccer competitions each year the revenue generated for the city would be quite significant. How much revenue will a new basketball gym generate?  


As grandparents of a young boy whose heart is in soccer and has been playing for several years, we are more than concerned. Our soccer teams have traveled all over the state of Mississippi to competitions so we are quite aware of the cost involved in competitive soccer. 


We would personally rather spend our money in Columbus and generate revenue for our city. We also want the city of Columbus to support our young soccer players with their decision as well as our other sports. Please consider the importance of all our children in the city as well as the impact of such a significant increase in our city revenue when you make your decision. Thank you for your consideration. 


Butch & Kathy Hill 





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