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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett






In his letter to the editor in Sunday's paper, Attorney David Owen wrote that Obamacare is the law of the land and that those mean, old, nasty, evil Republicans shouldn't even try to stop it or repeal it. As an attorney I'm sure that Mr. Owen knows that not all laws are "good." In fact, a lot of them are downright bad. Many do not work as intended, or promised. This is a big one. Also, bad laws can get changed, modified, or, yes, repealed. Slavery was once legal in the United States, until outlawed by a constitutional amendment ratified in December 1865, long after the "war to end slavery" had ended. Not too long ago interracial marriage, between blacks and whites, was illegal. It was the law of the land, but it wasn't right.  


Yes, Mr. Owen, Obamacare is currently the "law of the land" because it was passed by our "representatives" who never bothered to read the condemned thing before voting on it The stated purpose of Obamacare could have been much more easily accomplished without this monstrosity, which is nothing more than the government making more people reliant upon the government for "safety and security, health and well being." When the dust settles in a few years, I fear that we, the average citizens, will have neither while those who rule supreme over us will have everything. This country does not need Obamacare, and it condemned sure doesn't need Obama. The private sector can always do anything better than the government ever wanted to. We're in a mess with this "president" whose only "job" he ever had was agitating citizens, I mean organizing communities, 'scuze me. 


Cameron Triplett 





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