Thinks Tea Party movement misguided




Mr. (Randolph) Lipscomb says the goal of the local and national Tea Party is to kick the bums out of the Congress. We did that this past November. I noticed the group stopped short of endorsing candidates to replace the pork barrel politicians. When Glen Beck was on CNN, he said, "Chad Cochran took $653 million out of that barrel of pork." During the program someone from Cochran''s office called and informed Beck that Cochran''s name was Thad and not Chad. Then Beck said, "I don''t care if his name is Thad or Chad" with such anger in his voice you could see the veins popping out of the side of his neck. Beck said, "I just want people to know that he got that much money." If we do away with the pork barrel our state will miss it and we certainly need it.


Mr. (Scott) Berry said, "There appeared to be a million people at the Washington tea party." If someone tried to pass a bill to abolish a government run program called Medicare, there would probably be two million people and one of them would be me; tack on Medicaid and it would probably be four million. Over half of my retirement is used to pay doctors, insurance, medical bills and medicine.


Lipscomb says the group claims no partisan affiliation. I am a Democrat and I am going to put my money where my mouth is. When Clinton was president, I did real well in the stock market. When Bush left office, I had lost just about all my money in the market. I had just enough left to start over. When I hear the work Bush or one similar to it, I cringe. I say, "Please, O Lord, not again."



When Bush took office the budget was in the black. In September, 2008, Bush was on television asking for $700 billion and if he didn''t get it we would have a global meltdown. (repeat) Have a global meltdown. This was the beginning of all the spending, spending, spending.


In Bush''s last eight months, the stock market lost 4,000 points. Obama''s first eight months it has gained 3,000 points. There must be something right going on in Washington. I don''t know why we would want to throw out the bums that are in there now when the economy seems to be on the mend according to the stock market.


James E. Hodges, Columbus






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