Disagree with column




Your paper is getting better with each issue.


I really like the give and take of the 1. Political cartoons 2. Opinions of other editors 3. E-mails 4. Letters to editor.


Then comes along Bert Montgomery. A run-of-the-mill Socialist-Commie-Pro-Islamo-Fascist MSU instructor with the old worn out idea that all religions lead to one god and to heaven.



This could not be further from the truth. Under Islam, expansion is by the sword, suicide bombers, and planes flown into tall buildings. Women and little children are the ones who suffer greatly under this system. America, always remember 1. The Alamo 2. Pearl Harbor 3. Sept.11 New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C.


Bert, if you think life under Islam is so peaceful, have your wife and daughter (if you have one) convert to Islam and see how they would enjoy it.


Clark Williams, West Point





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