In defense of Glenn Beck




I''m surprised our Dispatch editor printed Janice Floyd''s letter in Friday''s Voice. The writer was calling folks liars and racists who disagree with the backward policies of this president. I think the letter revealed more about the writer than anyone else. Why would the editor print something like that without specific examples and evidence to prove the accusations are true? Must have just overlooked it. 


Why did the author of the letter, who claimed to be African American, call Glenn Beck a lying, fact-distorting racist? Was it because of the color of his skin? Lots of people other than whites feel this president is taking our country in the wrong direction and way too fast. 


Glenn Beck is a very loving, caring, devoted husband and father who is fighting for our rights and freedoms. He bravely stands and boldly says, "Give me liberty or give me death!" 


Millions of others are standing right beside him, not because of hatred but because of love. Love and devotion for the greatest way of life on this earth. I admit, there are some who don''t give a flip about their rights and freedoms, so it doesn''t matter to them what this president does to mess things up or how backward his policies are, "because he''s our first black president, you know." Sad indeed. I remember MLK saying it''s a man''s character that really counts, not the color of his skin. 


I ask the writer who called Glenn Beck all those names to please name the "distorted facts," if there is such a thing, she is referring to in her letter. Also, give examples of lies and racism from this great patriot, Glenn Beck. I don''t think she''ll be able to mention anything specific, however, she might discover some hidden hatred; not racism, in her own heart that motivated her to speak as she did.  




Raymond Gross 





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