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Today I received an e-mail from a friend of mine with a picture of the new one dollar coin with Washington''s picture on it. No problem with that except it has the words "In God We Trust" missing from the coin. Most people if handed one of these for change are refusing to accept it. Way to go my people. I am proud of those who refuse to follow blindly along like sheep and just take the money. Even some of the people who have to hand this out in change, when refused, are saying "I agree." I for one will not accept the coin either. I believe our government is testing the waters with this coin.


We the people have to decide what we are willing to accept and what we are not. Our government is in the shape it is now because of greedy, self indulgent officials and the greedy, self indulgent people who want to keep them in office.


So while we are refusing to follow blindly and accept this coin, we do it out of love for our God, our country and our beloved military men and women. Dare we take "In God We Trust" off our money, while so many of us pray diligently for our loved ones who are in Iraq and Afghanistan? That to me is hypocritical. Brothers and sisters let us join together and refuse to accept what is not acceptable.



Deborah Walk







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