GOP has lost touch




I was most pleased to see that Travis Childers and Bennie Thomson voted "YES" on the economic stimulus bill. I, on the other hand, think it most shameful that the rest of the Congressmen from the poorest state in the country voted a big "NO." What do Senators Wicker and Cochran and Representatives Taylor and Harper think will alleviate the economic crisis in Mississippi? More tax relief to zombie companies, many of whom are insolvent and pay no taxes anyway? 


Why do the above "NO" voters seem to prefer to deny much needed money to our cash-strapped state in favor of clinging to a failed conservative, trickle-down, supply side, fiscal policy? Could it be that their hearts are in the wrong place or a size too small? Could it be that their belief in separation of church and state has caused them to abandon Jesus'' instruction to care for "the least of these?" 


I notice that most of these "NO" voters claim to be followers of the Jewish carpenter. Do these "NO" voters feel more comfortable in the board rooms of the rich and powerful corporations who have let the country down with their misguided business decisions? I would guess so. Too bad for Mississippi. I am glad the Democrats prevailed and that Mississippi will get a much needed $1.5 billion, no thanks to the above hard heads. 


I am afraid that the Republican Party has become a party of bitter, old, white people who will play the losers game of standing in the way of any remedy the Democrats suggest. Rather than being the voice of a much needed revamping of a failed banking/capitalist system, the status quo-loving Republican Party has become the voice of intolerant Christian Evangelicals of the Old South and hardliners of the Mormon West.  


The GOP must abandon its unspoken code of racism and arrogant belief in more power to the already powerful and start to work for the benefit of the disappearing middle class. A failure of a two-party system in our country is not a good option. This country needs two parties working for a successful middle class. The GOP has lost touch with reality. 


Willis Pope, Columbus



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