Change the name and ‘let’s move on’




For the past year, I have been watching the MUW name change drama unfold from the comfort of my porch on College Street. I have heretofore kept my opinions to myself because I am a business owner in a small town, and the last thing we want to do is write letters and ruffle feathers. However, the last few articles in The Commercial Dispatch have spurred me to action.


Your story on Monday that contained quotes from three state legislators made me realize that I had been silent long enough. Contrary to what these three men think, there happens to be a lot of support for Reneau University from us "silent" alumni. The truth is that a lot of us live and work here in Columbus, and we are too darn busy trying to make a living to rip off letter after letter to make our case.


Yes, we mumble under our breath as we read every bitter diatribe opposing the new name. Of course the name should be changed. Men have been admitted to "The W" since I started there in 1982. A name change has been way, way overdue. Why are we being held hostage by these people who have no dog in this fight anymore?



Those of us who live in Columbus and the surrounding area know how important this university is to Columbus. These alumni who are so opposed would rather let it die than change. They haven''t been getting their way, so they have been withholding their money and support...Mrs. Jones said so herself.


What is more important, a name or the survival of the entity itself? The name has been changed twice already, and the university is still here. Will changing the name negate the legacy of all of the wonderful past and present faculty? Of course not.


I graduated from S.D. Lee High, which is not a high school anymore, and pretty soon won''t even be a middle school. Does this affect how I remember high school? Um, no. Things change, and we have to adapt.


How insane would it be to throw away 18 months of work on the name just because these three men and a small group of very vocal alumni don''t like it. For pete''s sake just change the name and let''s move on, people. Because if we don''t, I''m afraid that soon I will be looking across the street at an empty campus that contains neither women nor smart men.



Helen Pridmore


MUW, Class of ''87







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