In defense of the GOP




I would like to respond to Willis Pope''s letter describing the GOP as losing touch with reality, racist, a voice for intolerant Christian Evangelicals, small hearts, hearts in the wrong place, old and giving power to the already powerful. 


I commend Senator Wicker (R) and Cochran (R), Representatives Taylor (D) and Harper (R) for voting "No" in the stimulus bill. First off, congressmen should never vote on a bill with such an enormous dollar amount attached that could possibly have a lasting negative impact on our children''s economic well being without reading the entire bill. How foolish. Secondly, when we have a bill such as that, everything in it should be for the sole purpose of attaining the goal of the title on the bill. Example: "Stimulus." 


Just because a congressman believes this bill will not accomplish its intent, does not make them a person of small or misplaced heart. Hopefully, it means they believe that voting "yes" would not be best for America. After all, they do have families, relatives and friends that would be affected by the outcome of the vote. 


Mr. Pope, you spoke of racism and yet you described the GOP as "white men," but isn''t that statement in itself racist or double tongued? Also, they were described as being "old," but with age most often comes wisdom I''ve discovered. When your child asks you for advice, is it not because you are older and have experience? 


About the GOP being a voice for the "intolerant" Christian Evangelicals, aren''t you being intolerant by attacking them so? What is wrong with a congressmen being a Christian? Every person is governed by their beliefs, regardless of their religious or non-religious bent. Remember, congressmen represent all voices and all voices should be welcome. 


What people need most is to accept personal responsibility and learn to rely less on government, not more. People who have more financially, typically have worked hard to attain that financial status and we shouldn''t punish success. Besides, I don''t know many poor people that are hiring others to work for them right now. To desire a government that will hold the hands of the people continually, will ultimately stunt their growth in personal responsibility. It is time to let go! 


As for a stimulus check, why don''t we use that money to help pay off the American debt. We should also write our congressmen and President Obama about the moneys sent to other countries that could and should be used in the United States on Americans. 


The GOP did lose touch with reality, but thankfully they''re coming around and have voted for what they know is best for Mississippians and America. 


Kathy Seawright 


West Point



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