A letter to the President




In your campaign, you emphasized the need for change, and I want to respectfully challenge you to reconsider your position on the abortion issue, and by so doing guaranteeing freedom and liberty for "the least of these," i.e., countless lives waiting to be born.  


Even if you do not share my conviction that life begins at conception and therefore deserves protection under our Constitution, it would behoove you to consider the medical evidence on the long-term effects of abortion on the individual. 


It''s a well-documented, but little-publicized fact, that termination of a pregnancy--especially of a woman''s first pregnancy--is by far the greatest risk factor for a woman to later on develop breast cancer. The risk factor increases by about 30 percent. I''ve recently read of a study on breast cancer which showed that, since 1973, when abortion became legal in our country, the rate of breast cancer in young adult women has increased by a whopping 40 percent. As early as 1957, a study on the correlation between abortion and breast cancer was underway. In recent years, three women have successfully sued their abortion providers for their failure to disclose to them the risk of developing breast cancer.  


Statistics cannot measure the full impact of abortion on an individual--the depths of depression, self-condemnation, a deadening of the soul. Women who have had or are considering an abortion need our compassion and our help. There''s a great need for communities to support these women and their families in their time of need. 


There''s also a great need for women to be given the facts--Every woman has the right to know about ABC, the abortion-breast cancer link.  


Would you honestly consider the facts, and would you please work to help families through tax reform that helps them to keep and raise their own children, and to ensure that should a woman be in a position to consider having an abortion, that she is presented with all the facts. Thank you, Mr. President. 


Alice H. Walters 





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