Stimulus equals payback




The so-called stimulus package that is fixing to be crammed down and through all of our orifices and is being signed by President Obama is nothing more than Democrats pushing through program after program that they haven''t been able to do over the past eight years in order to "payback" all of their liberal left-wing contributors that put them in power. 


They are appeasing all of those who think government is the answer to all of our problems, those who count on government''s "generosity" to get by, those who think the government should give them money to by a damn converter box so they can sit at home on their butts and watch Oprah all day. 


Where is it in the Constitution that says everyone has a "right" to watch TV? Is it in the same paragraph as the "right" to free healthcare, the "right" to free lunches at school, and the "right" to own a house even if you can''t make the payments. When will this madness end? 


Well, apparently not anytime soon now that liberal left is in power. The power they now possess is with the pen and the checkbook. The more money they dole out, the more votes they can buy. And woe be unto those of us who are conservative for crying out to stop all of this nonsense. 


Politicians have the power when they can convince the majority that they have their best interest at heart (see Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. He just threw out term limits so he can stay in power for as long as he wants.). Don''t look now folks, but we are headed that way fast, in my opinion. 


Winston Churchill once said "the inherent vice of Capitalism is the unequal sharing of the blessings, and the inherent blessing of Socialism is the equal sharing of the misery." So all of you in favor of this liberal, socialist agenda and the new trillion dollar spend-fest, start licking'' your chops be cause the gravy train is coming. But remember this - a government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take away everything you have. Change is coming all right, but you just may not like the end result. 


Bobby Crosland 





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