Change we don’t need




Please remind me again why we need Obama as president. Also, explain how nominating a bunch of crooks to help bring about change is good. No wonder the Democrats don''t mind raising our taxes because, apparently, they don''t pay any. 


What kind of message are we sending our kids about the leaders we have running our government? It''s OK for me not to pay taxes, but you have to pay. And also explain why if we have to pass a bill so fast, why does the president go away for the weekend and not give our leaders in Washington a chance to read this so called "stimulus package." 


And why go to the trouble and expense to fly to Denver to sign this "stimulus package"? Why couldn''t the president walk out his back door and sign it? Who''s really running this country, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? I don''t think I like this kind of change. 


Frank Imes 





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