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While reading an article in "The Columbus Packet" concerning Mr. Greg Andrews, Lowndes County Tax Assessor/Collector, I was wondering if this is the same Greg Andrews that was in the news a while back (year or so ago) that was buying property via tax sales using a proxy buyer?  


I have to wonder how many other properties he bought over the years using this method? The article goes on to say that he "reportedly called his employees into his office yesterday three at a time and told them that if his wife lost her job some of them would lose their jobs too." How/why does this guy still have a government job? Being the Tax Collector for as many years as he has, he is either "not too bright" (I don''t think so), feels that he is "above the law" (more than likely), or doesn''t know what the meaning of "ethics" is (also more than likely). No matter which of these answers is correct, I still have to ask "How does this guy still hold this job?" I don''t know Mr. Andrews personally, or have any malice or judgment against him; I just have to go by what I read in the local media. 


Rick Love 





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